Saturday, February 1, 2014

Raising Future Esthers

Good Morning my darling readers,
I wanted to jump on here really quickly
and direct you to my friend Deidre's blog:

How much do you love this title?
She is one of my all time favorite bloggers
that I've never met in person.....
One of these days when time and money are
no longer issues =)
I will be traveling to all my favorite
blog peeps,
ya know to love on them
and sit across from them over 
a cup of coffee and hear their
heart concerning 
the Savior of our souls,
the LORD Jesus Christ.
Sounds like heaven doesn't it?
Well, I hope one day to meet
all of them this side of heaven,
but if that doesn't get to happen,
then in heaven it will be.

So I am directing you to her blog,
as today she is starting a new series 
of devotionals for the month of
The first one is up,
and it is FANTASTIC!!

It is worth the click I assure you.
Her heart for Jesus will inspire you
and challenge you to be more like Him.

So, grab your journal, a pen
and a heart to serve Jesus,
and head on over
You will be SO glad you did!!
And follow along with her this month.
You will be better on March 1 
for having spent February hearing
the LORD's heart through Deidre.

I love y'all!!

Have a Blessed and Beautiful Day ~~ 


  1. Oh, friend ... you bless my heart! I woke up saying, "Okay, God, do your thing!" He loves us SO. Praying for His words to pour over us like fresh oil.

    Love you! And, praying for that day we're sitting down together :)

  2. I can't wait to read every day in February ... (keep an eye out for a post from me...)
    I love she had this on her heart to do... she's amazing. Yep - the 3 of us just need to find a central place & have a girl's weekend!! :)