Saturday, August 15, 2015

Weekend Tips

Happy Weekend!

So it is the weekend and I don't know about you,
but our schedule is much different
than through the week.

So I thought I would just give a few 
tips that work for us on the weekend's
of the fast.

1).  Keep things as normal eating wise as
      through the week as you can.

2).  If your family likes to eat out on the weekends,
      then I suggest Chipotle's or Ruby Tuesdays salad bar.

3).  Something you could do instead is plan a little picnic.
      Picnics are always a lot of family fun,
      and you can control what goes into the picnic
      basket to eat =).

4)  Quiet times on the weekend can look different too.
      Between sleeping in and the business
      of the schedule, 
      it can be a challenge.

5).  I suggest keeping at the forefront of your heart
      the reason for the fast is to draw near to God,
      and purpose some quiet time with Him
      somewhere in your weekend days or even evenings.
      Sometimes evenings are good for me on the 
      weekend, as everyone is kind of winding down.
      Also, keeping an attitude and posture of drawing near
      to God as you go about your day, in your thoughts,
      speech and actions.  

6).  A prayer walk is always a good idea too.  It helps destress
      and gets us back in focus.

7).  Most of all, just keep pressing in and pressing on to the mark
      of the high calling in Christ Jesus.  He loves you, is with you
      and is cheering you on!  

In Christ alone ~~ dawn

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