Monday, January 4, 2016

Daniel Fast Day 2: Devotional - Idols

Isaac, the promised son.
Abraham, the Father of many nations.
Through Isaac.

God made a promise to Abraham,
and when God promises,
you know it will happen.

Well God made this promise.
Abraham KNEW it would be fulfilled through Isaac,
and Isaac was born to him in old age.
There is something significant about that.
If you are older than 45 you understand that.
Things become richer, deeper, more meaningful about middle age
and they just deepen the older you get.

This child born to him in his old age,
he loved.
The problem with really deeply loving someone
or something is that it can potentially become an idol
in your life.
And we are to set nothing,
above God in our lives.
So if that happens,
when that happens,
because we are fallen after all,
God will ask us to do hard,
things to help rid our hearts of idols.
He needs to be the One.
The First One in our hearts,
and everything else in our lives
fall in suit under the One who
paid it all.

We see in Scripture,
Abraham was willing to do the really hard thing.
God was there tho,
and present,
really, deeply present,
Because that is what God does.
He provides.

He provided for Abraham,
and He provides for us,
but sometimes we have to give it up
and lay it down
to watch the provision of God
in our lives.

Sweet freedom comes as we Trust,
lay it down,
and be determined to have
NO other god's before our One True God.

I love you so ~~

In Christ alone,

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