Thursday, March 27, 2008


Welcome to all!!! Thank you for visiting my blogspot, I hope you will visit often. I am always excited to share what God is doing in my life and I would love to know what He is doing in yours.

This was our Christmas card pic 2007. Since this is my first entry, I thought you might like a closer look at us. These are the kinds of pics we take, and this one is calm; you should see some of the others we took. It is never boring around here :0) and we'd have it no other way.

I am back in college via the internet. My major is Biblical Studies; I am so challenged and excited by the Word of God, I love to learn and He is teaching me so much. Currently I am in a study on the Life of Chirst. Recently I have been studying the parables, and one of my homework assignments was to write a parable. I found this very challenging and very thought provoking. Have any of you ever tried to write a parable? If you did what would it be? It is a very interesting assingment.

It was very stormy here last night and we live in the middle of tornado ally, so it is always a little tense around here when storms come our way, but isn't that true of other kinds of storms we face in our lives as well. They make us nervous and tense, but God is in control. When Christ calmed the storm, He wasn't worried about the storm. Have you ever thought about that? When the storm was raging, what was He doing? He was sleeping, (Matt 8:23-27). The storm was not bothering Him, because He knew that God was in control. I am so thankful that God sees and knows all, and is right with us in the midst of our storms. We can rest in the love God has for us.

In Christ Alone,

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