Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ahh Precious Time!!

This is going to be a little different post today. I wanted to pay tribute to someone that deeply touched my life growing up; my sister Dana. There were five of us kids: Rhonda, Rusty, Dawn (me:), Dana and Dena. I shared a bedroom with Dana and Dena and we were always together as kids, especially Dana and I. It was not always peaceful though. I think because we were so close in age it made our good times really good and our fights, whew knock down drag outs!! But it was never boring :)!!

I graduated in 1984 and was married in November of '85. So I had moved out and was living life with my new husband. Dana and Dena had gotten close because they were the last two of us kids at home. On April 10, 1986 my sis Dana left with her boyfriend on his motorcycle and never came home again. She was killed at about 10:00 pm. A truck pulled out and hit them head on. They say my sis never saw it coming. That was one of the most difficult times in our lives. The pain that moment caused has and will always resonate in our hearts. We miss her greatly.

My hope with this entry is to celebrate the life of my beloved sister. We played with each other and fought with each other, but we loved deeply. The holidays are still in ways hard for us, even 22 years later. We always remember and wonder what life for Dana would've been like. She was only 18 when she passed; she was five weeks from graduating high school, so much life yet to live, so much potential, lost. We wonder how many kids she would've had (she loved kids), we wonder what she'd look like now (she would've turned 40 this past Feb 29th ~~ yep she was a leap year baby), we wonder . . . . . . . . .

She was a unique and special girl, who has been and will continue to be greatly missed in our lives. We love you my dear Dana, rest well.


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