Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Garden Bug has Bit!!

Well, I started this entry talking about my ever-increasing knee problems, but decided that I will not be depressed about them today. So I started over.

So instead let's talk about the state of our garden!! One of my favorite things to talk about :) Here is the current state of our garden. My husband has been busy digging up the grass and he is almost done. So then we will add the dirt. Mom and I went to the Yard Waste Disposal yesteday where we will get our compost. I'm so excited ~~ that place is cool; nothing but dirt and limbs (from the ice storm, etc ~~ our crazy weather) and the blackest, loveliest compost around at one of those places; the only compost better than that will be the compost pile that we are making along with the garden ~~ I am soooooooooo excited!!

Here is Lake Winslow, as our neighbor so affectionately calls it!! We always have standing water when it rains, and guess what is in the forecast for the next couple of days? Yep, rain!! Lake Winslow will be expanding over the next couple of days.

This is my watch frog/sprinkler in the back yard herb and flower garden. Our herbs will be moved to our new garden spot to make room for more perennials ~~ WOO-HOO another one of my favorite things.
This is our peony immerging from its long winter's nap.

Well, Brandon Beck is saying that it could frost two nights in a row, (Sunday and Monday) are you kiddin' me? My bleeding hearts are already blooming. I'm so excited they look so beautiful and it will just continue to get bigger and bloom, but if it frosts? Well, hopefully I can cover them and they'll be okay. Last year we had several nights of temperatures in the teens in APRIL and my poor bh completely died back, thankfully it came back, but that just can't be good for them :(

Isn't she just lovely? And she will only get bigger and bigger (if it doesn't get frostbit; I will be covering and praying. Yep, I said praying, as in for my bh plant. God cares about all aspects of our lives and He cares about the lilys and the bh :) WOW I'm so glad that He does!!)

This is our Rhodendron and it is just as you walk up the step to our front door. It is so beautiful and look at the buds on that baby; it is going to be b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l (eat your heart our Georgia :)!! And I can't wait!! It blooms big lavender flowers ~~ it is just GREAT let me tell ya!!

I love that gardening season is here!! Happy gardening and remember to pray. God loves it when we talk to Him and desire a relationship with Him, and guess what you will grow and reap a beautiful harvest in your life from your time spent with the One who made it all!!

Happy Gardening,


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