Monday, April 14, 2008

Good Morning Oh Sleepy Heads. . .Awake!!

Well, good morning!! Okay it seems as though I am quite chipper today; albeit it is only 6:21 AM, but even at this early hour (been up since just before 5:00 AM), God has been stirring in my heart.

The last week was especially hard, and I (being the woman that I am) have dealt with it a little too emotionally and with not enough prayer. But this morning I woke up and got started with my day seeing my husband off to work. As he was leaving he reminded me that Dakota doesn't have school today, so I could sleep in if I wanted. I told him that I wanted to stay up and read awhile, and it was as if God just supernaturally started working and showing me what to get off of my shelf and where to start.

A few weeks ago I started Priscilla Shirer's study "He Speaks to Me" and given that I am still only in the first week that tells you how much I have set down and done. But let me tell you, just the short amount I have done has been well worth the $8.00 or $10.00 I paid for the book. Her insight is great!! If you are not familiar with her, there is a link to her website "Going Beyond" on my fav's at the side; check it out. I especially enjoy "The Jewelry Box". She is a great writer with a lot of depth and insight into the Word!!

So this morning I opened up the study to where I had left off, and this is the paragraph I started with:

Referencing Numbers 20:8-12 where Moses struck the rock when God told Him to speak to it she writes: "Notice God's reprimand comes not for simply disobeying but rather for not believing God. Failure to do exactly what God asks, regardless of how strange or incomplete His instructions seem, shows lack of faith in God Himself. It shows we don't trust that He is God and knows what's best. By not doing what He tells us, we are saying that we don't think God is wise enough or capable enough to handle our situations."

Okay, well wake up to that with your first cup of coffee. That does more than caffeine ever can, let me tell ya!! So you are probably thinking: "Okay what is she not obeying God in?" And it is very interesting, because for me at this time in my life it is about believing that I am who God says I am and that He is who He says He is in my life. It is a very personal thing. I struggle with doubt and inferiority's on a very deep level some times. Somehow I think I have to be good enough in every arena of my life to have an impact in any of it. But as I have sat here this morning spending "real" time with "the lover of my soul" I know that He is always faithful and always loving. He is God alone and no matter what I face, He is God. I must simply trust and believe in the One who is, was and is to come. He is God alone, and He did not call me to be perfect, He calls me His, and He loves me without condition; now that is huge!!

Thanks for listening!! Hopefully I'll get some pics posted of some (11:00 PM) centerpieces I worked on and played with this weekend. (I had too much caffeine too late on Saturday to sleep and my hubby was sick, (he had a fever of 100), so it's hard to sleep when he's not feeling well.)

Have a GREAT Monday,


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