Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Wow do we love the Library!!

Yesterday was so much fun. Dakota didn't have school, so since I had PT he decided to go with me, and suggested we go to the library first. We had so much fun. We went to mom's first and dropped off some quilting patterns and then it was off to the library.

We ate lunch in the little coffee/sandwich shop in the Library and it was delicious. I love it when Dakota tries new things, and well yesterday was one of those days. He had red peppers on his sandwich which was ham on sourdough (all not normal items on a sandwich for him), now granted he picked the red peppers off once he tasted it, but at least he gave it the old high school try :)

As I came back to the table with our sodas, he had his Ipod out with one ear piece in his ear and the other ready for mine. It was truly a priceless time as we sat waiting for our food and listening to his music. He'd tell me about the song and why he picked it for his Ipod. I was reminded once again, just what a GREAT kid he is!! Thank you for a Wonderful day Son ~~ I LOVE YOU!!

I do have a pic of him in the library, but I took it with my new phone. If I can figure out how to download the pics you'll see them soon. And then we can have a blog-party to celebrate me being able to download pics from my new-fangled camera phone that also plays music. Don't they just make cell-phones that will make a phone call anymore?!! AAAHHHH!! Okay, well now I feel better :)

Have a SUPER day in the Lord,

Love and Hugs,


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