Thursday, April 3, 2008

To My Baby Sis!!

My baby sis, Dena is just the best. She is four years younger than me, three inches taller, and a blast to hang out with. She has been married to Brian for 17 years and they have two beautiful kids - Donnie 15 (almost 16 - watch out :) and Becca 12. I have watched Dena grow into a beautiful woman who's determined and graceful.

We have done a lot together and been through a lot; which brings me to this post. Two years ago I had to go in the hospital and have an exploritory surgery because I was having trouble with the part of me that makes me a woman :) So they did the surgery and found out that one of my ovaries was not viable so they took it out. It was not the worst surgery I'd ever had, but what made this one particularly hard was not after the surgery, but before. Dick and I got to the hospital and I wasn't feeling very good, and by the time they got me to my room to start the pre-op stuff I had a migraine, and a bad one (not that there are any good ones). My sis Dena showed up just right after we got there and she spent the whole time on the other side of my bed; Dick on one side and Dena on the other. She kept a cold rag on my head and held my hand; I have never forgot it. The kindness she showed us that day was priceless.

Well, now fast forward two years and she had to go into the hospital today and have the exact same surgery. They was able to save her womanly part and everything went really well, and she is re-cooperating tonight. But seeing her in the hospital today really touched my heart. I love her so much, and I would do anything for her. I would have taken her place today in a second!!
I won't go into all the technicals, but this could have been very serious if it had gone untreated. I am so thankful that she had it checked out and then had the surgery. You Rock My Sister!!!

Dena is on the end (maroon shirt) by my mom. Dena you are so beautiful and I love you!! Get better soon, my sister!!

In Christ Alone,


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