Friday, April 4, 2008

New Phones and Juicers

Well, today was certainly an interesting day for me.

After CYC and some home chores I headed to Nixa to do some shopping. On my way I called to check on my sis and as I was talking to her my cell phone started beeping. You guessed it low battery. My phone has been wigging out for some time, and today was no exception. So I called my husband and told him if he tried to call and couldn't get me it was just because my phone didn't charge right again and I was about out of battery. So he said just go to Alltel and get a new phone, it was time, but I just really Really REALLY do not like getting cell phones by myself. There are too many models to choose from and too much paperwork that I am unclear of, but w/my dying phone in hand I headed off to the phone store. When I got there the lady that we really like was working today and available ~~ that was a GREAT sign . She pointed me in the right direction and showed me her two favorite choices. Yes two, not ten. Now that was a GREAT moment!! (I love having limited choices that way I don't go into brain overload mode!!)

So I picked out my phone, that by the way takes pics, videos, plays mp3's and transfers the photos I take w/it to my computer (so great now that I'm part of the blogging world :) - now that is a great phone!! :) For being completely inept at phone stuff I did pretty good (I hope)!! (Now if I can ever figure out how to use all of those nifty features is another story entirely. )

Okay, so now to the juicer. My husband has been feeling puny for sometime, and he's been wanting to eat better, and we go through spells where we eat really good, but then slowly we start adding things back in and pretty soon we aren't eating so well again.

Well he had a very bad spell with his heart this week and that has kicked me into gear. I really want him to live in optimal health; not just good health, but the very best health he can this side of heaven. So that is where the juicer comes in. So now I'm taking matters into my own hands and he is not going to know what hit him, he'll be so healthy!! I love my man soooooooooo much and I really just hate it that he feels so badly all the time. So I'm going to do all that I can to make sure he is feeling 100% by the summer.

So here's our new juicer!! Yes still in the box, but isn't the box pretty?

So does anyone have any good juicer recipes out there? I can't wait to get started.


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