Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Who Knew!!

Well, I had a very "smart" day yesterday :) I have been visiting other blogs and there is one that I particularly like and she had done some curtains for her small bathroom windows, which led me, of course, to the blog that she got the idea from. So I checked it out and since I was changing my curtains in the kitchen I thought "Why not ~~ I could do this!"

I had been looking at curtains for my kitchen. Well, of course JC Penney Homestore was the place for me and curtains, and I found exactly what I wanted for about $25 a curtain ON SALE!! Appalling!! So I did what any midwestern girl on a budget does, heads to buy material!! And boy did I ever find Cute, CUte, CUTE material!! So since I'd already bought material. I was ready to go!! Now the lady in this blog calls these "window mistreatments" (instead of window treatments ~~ how Clever!!), and she gives you step-by-step instructions. So I did it~~ and they are sooooooooo cute I love them.

Now who knew you could make great looking window (mis)treatments without really making curtains? These are not hung on rods, and they are not really fussed over much. Just a simple hem around the edges and some upholstery tacks - what could be easier than that?

Okay now I have some pics of these great curtains, but blogger is not co-operating and since I have already published this page blank I will now add words (these) and then post pics later (hopefully). So stay tuned. . .

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  1. Hey Dawn! I love it when people call me a lady! Can't wait to see the photos--let me know when they are up!