Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Moments of Grandeur on the Laughter Express!!

Last night was just too much fun!! As the mom of a teenager you wait and watch for rare moments of "let your guard down" fun, and well, last night this mom got that with her teenager (and he had even mowed the lawn last night - that's generally a train wreck mood wise, not a trip down the Laughter Express!! :)

We was watching Dancing with the Stars, which this year has not been my favorite, although I do have my three fav's that I love to watch (it was four until Marlee got voted off - she was A-MAZING!!) And Dakota was sitting next to me on the couch and on commercials he was showing me a youtube video of some of his favorite singers, and next thing I know he is resting his head on my shoulder. (Now if you are the mom of a teenager you know how precious these moments are, and extremely too rare as they grow-up!!)

Well, on one particular break-from-the-action, I decided to show Dakota some of my moves. Well he started watching me like "mom, what in the world is that?" And since I am so intuitive :), he didn't even have to ask, I blurted out "This is my Quick Step moves." Well, he looks up at me, from doubled over belly laughs and said, "Mom that is more like Hip-Hop, but not even good Hip-Hop at that!!" Well, I'm not sure what it was about that statement, but that got us really started and we jumped on board the Laughter Express for about 10-15 minutes!! Ah Sweet Bliss!! He was still trying to play a song for me to hear, and he'd start it up and we'd get tickled, and he'd start it up and we'd get tickled again and this went on all through the commercial break and beyond. And Dakota would look up and say, "Mom it wasn't even that funny!!" And we'd get tickled again!!

These moments are rare as they grow up. I tell Dakota all the time that in my heart I literally brought him home from the hospital yesterday!! How has this happened that he is already well over half-way through 15 on his way to 16 and driving w/o me?

Truth is, watching him grow reminds me of just how much I am loved by my Father. To allow me the privilege of this experience of everyday with my husband and son is completely and totally TERRIFIC!! They are truly the two best people I know!! And I keep trying to remind myself that one day (soon), Dick and I will be Empty Nester's; Dakota will be off to college (in three short years - he is almost a Sophomore), and then Dick and I will start on the journey of filling our empty nest with our own Moments of Grandeur.

But until then: ~~ All Aboard the Laughter Express!! ~~ And Hang on tight, because this ride goes way too fast!!

Love and Blessings,


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