Thursday, May 1, 2008

Boy do I love Plants. . .and Gardens!!

Well, it is certainly no secret that I LOVE all things plants and gardens!! So this time of year for me ROCKS!!

Back in 1996, when my son was 4, for mother's day he brought me home a little salmon colored Impatient from church, and I absolutely loved it. It was really the beginning of my love for planting and growing plants. That was the most beautiful plant that year, and every year since I have gotten salmon Impatiens and grown them, so this pic is this years salmon Impatient crop!!

How adorable is the pot that this plant is in? I had one just like this one a few years ago, but I left it out in the winter (what was I thinking?), and of course it didn't make it. Well, Dakota knew how much I loved that pot, and he found this one at a garage sale, how great is that and thrifty ~~ I love that. So that was last summer ~~ and I definitely took it in over the winter ~~ and now I get to plant our Impatiens in it ~~ WOOHOO!!

Well, now I just had to show you the massive bleeding heart we have in our front cottage bed. I absolutely love her ~~ isn't she lovely?!! I see in this pic it is showing up with too much light, but you get the idea. She is huge!!
Okay, now for the last pic of this post, these are some beautiful little daisy-like flowers (yeah don't remember the name of them), that I planted to give to my PT-ist today. Today is the last day of PT ~~ Yeah ~~ and a little sad because I really do like the time I spend with Amber, my PT-ist.
Oh yeah, I almost for got, I do have some pics of our garden, but I haven't got them downloaded here, so I'll try to post those when I get back from PT along with my latest Scrapbook project ~~ it is too much fun!!

Love and Hugs,


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