Friday, May 2, 2008

Update on the ole knee!!

Last Wednesday I went back for a follow-up on my knee surgery (which was Feb 22, 08), and to (hopefully) be released from PT. Now do not get me wrong, I actually really like my PT-ist, but I don't like going to town (Springfield), 3 x's a week with gas being as high as it is (don't get me started!!).

So I mentioned in a previous post that it was a double-edged sword kind of appointment. On the one side, he said that my knee was much stronger than he expected it to be. He said that a lot of times when they do a lateral release the knee is left pretty weak, but he said I actually had good strength. So the PT has worked well, which made me very happy, but on the flip side he said the locking that is happening in the knee is due to the severe arthritis that I have, and that it is now time to start treating it. He said that the way that they start treating it is with Synvsc, which is an injection that is given in the knee joint once a week for 3 weeks.

Now shots in the knees to be quite frank about it, FREAK ME OUT!!!! I had never before really been a candidate for these shots (which was always fine with me), but I guess the difference this time is that we've done the surgery (my second in my right knee), and PT and it is still locking, so now we start treating the arthritis itself.

My knees really swell and my right knee has really been swelling since surgery. So the selling point for me was when the doc said that if this series of shots work, then it should really help the swelling, (when it swells is when it locks.) So I agreed and he gave me the shot while I was in the office on Wednesday. It went fine; I just have to stay off of it 2-3 days after having a shot.

When I went to PT on Thursday, Amber gave me a good home program to be doing, and with that I was officially released from PT ~~ Yeah!!

I hope you all had a really good Friday. Georgia came over and we went to lunch and plant shopping ~~ It was too much fun!! Now I'm kicking back writing to you, and yes resting the knee. And no I have not forgotten to post pics of my latest scrapbook project; just haven't quite got that far yet :) But stay tuned ~~ I will!!

Love and Hugs,


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