Friday, May 9, 2008

Cheap and Cute . . . did I mention Cheap?!!

Well, if there is one thing I love it is cute and cheap. Nixa (OH local town) had their annual city-wide garage sale today (and tomorrow). It was so much fun and I got some really cute things . . . cheap. Like really, really cheap!! I love it!!!

I got seven shirts (really cute), a milk glass lamp (.50), now granted it doesn't work, but I can get a lamp kit and fix; well worth the .50. Let's see, got an adorable sunflower sign (and I mean adorable!!) for .50, and then got a new (tags still on) tote bag that has a verse on it and places for pics ~~~ Love LOve LOVE it!! Oh yeah, a pair of new capris (tags still on) and a dress (well I thought it was a dress, but it has shorts under it you know the kind) with daisy's. Too Cute!!

I think there was something else, but the brain is temporarly on leave due to exercise. But I will try to get pics taken (prob Monday) and post these TERRIFIC finds!!!

Wow I have sooooooo much more to tell, but in just a little while I'll be going to a students house for her grad party. I am so excited for her and I'm looking really forward to seeing her and her fam. It's going to be great. Now I know the time on this post will probably read like sometime Friday night, but really it is 4:52 Sat afternoon (didn't want you to think I'm crashing the grad's house at 1:00 am or anything:).

Have a great Sat evening, and we'll talk soon,

Love and Hugs,


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