Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Well Hello Again. . .Hello . . .

So sorry I haven't written much this week. My friend Georgia, who is a dedicated reader of this blog ~~ Thank you my dear friend ~~ reminded me today that I hadn't posted much this week. And so much has been going on I thought I'd better update!!

Well, as you know this is the end of the school season and that means everyone is way to busy!! It is just amazing to me that we are already at the end of this school year. Dakota will be a sophomore next year, truly I don't know where the time has gone. I was telling him tonight that it feels like I brought him home from the hospital yesterday; that is literally how it feels to me. I remember it all so vividly, from the moment I found out I was pregnant to the moment he was born. I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED being pregnant!! Everything about it from the morning sickness to the heartburn. I guess that is because getting pregnant was not easy for me. So I was so very thankful and surprised when it happened. I cannot tell you the tremendous joy this child brings me every single day. So to watch him grow up before my eyes and become a young man is just such a wonderful experience.

Tuesday evening was Dakota's spring music program. He is in chamber choir and loves to sing. It is so good to see him perform and really excel at it. You can tell when he sings that he is really striving to be the best he can. I love that about you son!!

Well, yesterday was yes Wednesday, and another Dr appt for my knee. Dick has been researching other options for my poor knees and actually found that there is a place in Houston that does patella-femoral replacements (kneecap replacements), so I asked my doc about them, but he said that it is not an option for my left knee (he said only a total knee will work on it), but on my right knee he said that perhaps it is an option, but probably not a good one. He said there has not been enough research done, and the results they do have, have not been very favorable. But he did say that if we wanted to research it more he suggested checking out the options at the Mayo clinic. He said that probably with the extent of the arthritis in my left knee that probably the arthritis will just continue to increase in the right and I'd have to have a total on it just a couple of years later. So maybe it is not the best option, but one that maybe we should at least consider.

The doc gave me the second of three shots and it went fine. I really hope these shots work and we don't have to even look at any kind of a replacement.

I know these are random thoughts, but wanted to write an update and let you know that I really appreciate all who read my blog and to those of you who comment thank you so much. It's so nice to have the encouragement.

Love and hugs,


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  1. Thank you so much for visiting my blog, leaving a sweet comment and inviting me to yours. I have enjoyed looking around and suspect I'll be a regular.

    We seem to have so much in common. My oldest, Jordan, will be 15 in June and is just finishing his Freshman year. I don't know how we got you, I'd swear I just had him. I can so relate to many of the things you've written about being a Mom to a teen. I see several of my favorite blogs on your sidebar (Kelly's Korner, Beth Moore, Bring the Rain and, of course, The Nesting Place).

    I am SO envious of your mistreatments. I am going to hunt for fabric soon and try that for myself. How smart is she? By the way, you mentioned another blog that had done you recall the site address. I'd love to see more examples.

    Okay...I've rambled but I have one more question about Priscilla Shirer's bible studies. Have you done these? I haven't but am very interested. Am going to Deeper Still in Atlanta in June.