Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Do you go to the Market and drink Soda? . . . and the mishap on a bike. . .

Okay, so I go to places like the market and drink soda ~~ yes a little old fashion I know. But in this age of all things Wal-mart it's nice to go the market (and not the overwhelmingly large grocery store), and in an age where we can go to the store and drink a Monster or Rock star well, I don't think I can even comment on how wrong that seems to me ~~ I will take a soda please ~~ yep diet root beer or diet Pepsi extra ice and hold the Monster!!

I saw a news report yesterday on drinks like Rock Star and Monster ~~ yes I know, thought the same thing ~~ a news report? Yep, but it had my attention because I have a Monster drinking teen when I let him, and so thought I'd be able to come back with my "that's bad for you speech" and guess what? Yep I can, kind of. Come to find out those drinks have like 5 times the amount of caffeine that a soda (yep soda) has in it. 5 times ~~ get out of town!! No teenager needs 5 times the amount of anything!! Okay moving on ~~

Now to the bike mishap. I do not ride a bike out on the open road as a general rule. I ride the stationary kind that refuses to get out of my garage; I find it must less invasive, but my son, well not so much. He was at his friends house, Brandon's yesterday. All was well, I told him he had to be home by 7:00pm and I called him right before we left to go to the cross country track and told him he could wait on us on the porch if he beat us home, again all was well. But then we got back and my husband brought me the phone. Yep Dakota had called and was going to be late because Brandon's mom (who is a nurse) was doctoring his leg. He'd had a bike mishap.

Well so I jumped in the car and went over and sure enough he had a big bandage on his leg and was hobbling around. Brandon met me at the door saying "not my fault". Not a good sign :)
Now this was a bike mishap, because really you couldn't call it a wreck. Technically the bike never went down.

Okay picture this: Brandon on the mini-bike - Dakota on bicycle going way too fast and picking up speed (can anyone see the train wreck about to take place?) As he's picking up speed, his foot slips off the pedal and the pedal digs into the back of his leg ~~ yep ouch!! So there was blood and wincing and Brandon giving Dakota the motorbike to go back to his house on. Don't you just love kids? Instead of going to get his mom, Brandon let's Dakota take his chances on a motorbike ~~ Thankfully all was well. No stitches needed just some TLC from mom ~~ expecting a little milking of the TLC today :)

Okay so one more thing: Bible Study. Have ya'll checked out the Kelly Minter study for the summer on the LPM blog; if not check this one out right here. And tell me what you think. I have two ladies at present moment coming and I'll be asking the rest today, so if you have a moment remember me. I'm inept in the area of asking people to things like this. There is a rejection factor here for me, but God knows and I'm resting in that!!

I'd like to leave you with our (my husband and me) verse for today ~~ Proverbs 4:5 "Get wisdom, get understanding; do not forget my words or swerve from them." So think about getting involved in a Bible Study this summer. This one looks like just the remedy I need for a summer that doesn't relax my Spiritual muscle, but that gives them a little "fun" work-out.

Have a Blessed day,


  1. Thanks for the info on the summer Bible study on the Living Proof site. It is a great idea. I am a Bible teacher for Moms during the year and everyone of my moms struggle with Bible study and staying in the Word during the summer months. I am going to pass this on. Blessings as you continue to pursue the things of the Lord.

  2. crazy story with the bike!!!! i have a visual and hate getting cuts on the legs!!!! yicks!!!!! ok so the summer study...lets me go over and look at it. i am already doing john but i wonder if i could do this one next. sorry thinking out loud!!! have a great morning

  3. I did not know that those drinks had 5 times as much of regular soft drinks and you are so right teens don't need 5times as much of anything!:) I had a visual of you riding your stationary bike with a helmet. I laughed out loud at how you don't do bikes outside. I love to ride my bike outside but I don't like anyone to see me so I typically ride it at not which is probably not the safest. I will have to look into that bible study. I saw you had a comment from Jean Stockdale. She played a pivital (sp)role in my growth in the Lord through her mom's bible study. The Lord has used her in a mighty way.
    btw I hope Dakota's leg is doing better:)

  4. I meant to say I ride it at night.