Friday, May 23, 2008

~~ Friday Pics ~~

So the last couple of days I've taken a lot of pics I'd just love to share with you. Now do not think that this is anything earth shattering ~~ nope just life in our cottage corner of the world :)
Okay, I just love the Nester ~~ you rock sista'!! On her blog she told us how to make a garland out of material and ribbon. So I've been working on this one, but I didn't know what I'd do with it. And then it just hit me ~~ wreath it ~~ so here is the result.Here is an "airel view" :) Just love the candle in the middle ~~
And then thought I'd take a little closer look at the picnic runner I made last year. I just love this; made out of denim materal, and pockets from an old pair of jeans; (found the pattern cruising on the internet super-highway:)
Okay, and now to our garden. I haven't blogged or shown pics of it lately, and just wanted to let you know ~~ IT'S GROWING!! I'm sooooooo excited!! I just LOVE fresh produce!!
So here are a couple of radishes from afore mentioned garden :)

~~ Here is our garden now that it's grown up a little ~~

UHH, I had more pics but forgot to download them. Wow, life in the middle ages :0) is a memory hodgepodge. Some things just don't quite make it into action :)

I hope you all have a FANTASTIC Memorial Day weekend. My hub just got home and said that he doesn't have to work on Monday ~~ WOOHOO!! ~~ as of this morning we thought he was going to have to, but parts didn't come in. I probably shouldn't be happy about the part thing, because that will be more work for him later, but I'm glad he'll be home!!

Have a restful and relaxing long weekend!!

Love and Hugs,



  1. such a creative use for the garland! and I love the pocket runner.

  2. I love Nester as well. I did some window mistreatments of hers and I am going to try some more. Have a great Memorial Day.