Monday, May 26, 2008

I attend James River Assembly and this was part of our Easter service '08. I didn't even realize it was on youtube, just got to poking around and look what I found. How cool is that? So take a few minutes and check this out. The pastor in the beginning is our Senior Associate Pastor Curt. And this song ~~ True Love ~~ is amazing it's from Phil Wickham (not Phil singing) ~~ he was new to me, but I've since downloaded many songs from him ~~ I totally dig his voice and message!! This was one of the most moving Easter services I have ever been to; you could feel the presence of God so strong in this service ~~ many we're saved to the glory of God!! Praise You Father for Your overwhelming love for us!! True Love indeed!!

We've had such a relaxing weekend. I've got to spend the whole weekend with my husband. And it has been GREAT!! Dakota has been gone this weekend and will be back today. He spent yesterday at his grandpa's riding horses and eating ~~ both great for a teenager!!

Have you all heard about the summer bible study that Beth Moore is launching? Check it out here. So I called my friend Georgia this morning to see if she'd like to do it with me, and then I'm gonna call my friend Carrie and then I think I'm gonna get brave and ask my neighbor's if they'd like to jump on board with us. They do not go to church and it is a lady and her husband 3 kids and now her sis and tiny baby live with them, so I'm gonna venture over today (hopefully) and see if her and her sis would like to come and join; so say a pray that God would open a door there. (This is WAY outside my comfort zone ~~ a little nervous!!)

I hope you all have a GREAT Memorial day, and enjoy your families being home!!

Love you all so much,

In Christ Alone,


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