Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Oh my goodness. . .Oh my hair!!!

So I had long hair for about 2 years until about 2 months or so ago, when I got the "bright" idea to cut my hair. My husband was not really for it, because he really likes the long hair chic, but he said that he couldn't think of a single way that I could get my hair cut that I wouldn't be adorable. Ahh!! I love that man!! So I did it. I cut my hair and I loved it and so did he.

So here we are on our Christmas card (well the pic anyway), right after I got it cut.
Love it. . .
Well, there I go again with my "bright" ideas, decided to get it cut again, and this time cut it up just a little in the back, so instead of a straight across bob it is up in the back (a little) and longer on the sides, and can I just say YUK!! I just don't have the face for this type of hair cut, but just love it on other girls, so I wanted to get in on the fun ~~ Yeah I should have restrained!! :)
Well, about 3 weeks ago got my hair cut again, and this time YUK!! Not so good, well, I decided today to curl it and try to make it sassy and fun, and this was the result. Hmm it kind of looks like the pic above. . .Yeah not quite. . . BOO HOO!!!
So here I am a little further away. . .UGHH have gained 10+ lbs in the last few months. . .

So why did I decide to doll it up today? Well, so glad you asked!! :) I had my last in a series of shots in my knee today. I do not look forward to them, so I decided I'd feel better if I dolled it up. So I tried!!

You know I'm really glad that this was my last shot for this series; I go back in three weeks to see how I've progressed. I'm praying that this works, and I do not have to have more surgery. This knee thing is a bummer, but I keep reminding myself that it could definitely be worse.

So thinks for listening to me go on about my hair and knee and know that I really appreciate your support. I'm so thankful for you all.

Love and Hugs,


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  1. ok so I totally think your hair LOOKS GREAT!!!!! the curl is soooooo cute!!!!!!! glad you are on your last shot! keep us updated!!!!!!