Thursday, May 15, 2008

Teens in the Midst. . .

I just cannot tell you the joy being the mama of a teenager brings to me. To be completely honest, I was a little intimated by these years. When Dakota was younger I'd think about him being a teenager and it would scare me. What if I wasn't a good mom? What if I couldn't get him through these turbulent years? And then I'd look at his sweet face and decide that it was so far away that I'd worry about it later. Well, I've been in the later part of that for a couple of years now, and I must say, I love this phase. It has been difficult at best some days, but so so worth every moment.

I'd never had any trouble with him acting out or back talking or even being rude, he just didn't do those things. But when he was 13 I was sitting at a stop light (isn't it funny how I can tell you exactly where I was at, but can't remember what I wore yesterday?), and God spoke to my heart and told me to hold on. I knew he was talking about Dakota. He was telling me that we were getting ready to go through some tough stuff together. You know we have been through hard times and sweet times, but each time has its own joys and sorrows.

During this difficult season God started speaking to my heart about "teachable moments". We'd be in the midst of a "discussion" and the Holy Spirit would whisper those words to my Spirit and sometimes He'd have to yell them "WAIT FOR A TEACHABLE MOMENT AND THIS ISN'T IT". But in those moments when Dakota was listening I knew, and I'd try with all that was within me to follow the Spirits lead in my heart. Well, now he has settled down and there are many teachable moments for both of us.

So today about 1:00pm I got a call from our HS Secretary and she told me that Dakota had all his finals taken and requirements met and he could go home early if I wanted to come pick him up. So I grabbed my purse and headed out. I was so excited to get a few extra afternoon hours with my teen, and when he got in he said Brandon was on his way. Brandon is Dakota's best friend. The two couldn't be more opposite, but oh how they love hanging out together.

We went to WM and they asked for 2 water guns a piece, one for each hand, and at just $1 a piece I obliged. Well it was the funniest thing to watch these two, very grown-up teenagers, with these waterguns. I was reminded that boys just want to be boys, and when you are just hanging out with your best friend it is safe to digress and just be boys. So when we got home they put on their swim trunks and went outside.

Now it was just the funniest thing. Remember we live in Missouri and the weather seriously changes hourly sometimes, you just never know. Well, today it was very chilly, like about 60, cloudy and a NW wind. So in this first pic, Brandon is the one with the bucket of water on his head. Now he did this of his own accord, Dakota and I were both shocked, but man did he laugh when the water hit and shiver ~~ It was pretty CRAZY!!
Here's my sweet Dakota being a teen with water guns.
He is so very cute!!

Here is Brandon ~~ you rock my "other" boy. (He calls me mom:)

So in conclusion (aren't you glad about that:), today was very sweet, a memory I'll carry with me. Tomorrow is Dakota's last day as a freshman and then at 10:30 in the morning school is out for the '07/'08 year and my freshman will be a sophomore. Where has the time gone?!!

After school tomorrow we are hosting the CYC (Clever Youth for Christ) in our home for the end-of-the-year party!!! Pray for opportunities for us (Dakota and I and Carrie-CYC Leader), to be witnesses to these students. Thank you for reading this long blog (hey that rhymed ~~ I think:).

Love and Hugs,


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  1. oooooooo Dawn This was so sweet. As a 9th grade teacher, I really love hearing about kids this age being wonderful to their parents. OH HOW GOD HAS BLESSED YOU!!!!!! This was such a great post. fun fun fun........but i am sad that they are out of school and here i sit......counting down the days hahahhah have a great weekend