Monday, May 5, 2008

The Power of a Letter!

Sunday was such an exciting day for us. Dakota had his first athletic banquet. He ran cross country last fall and his team qualified for state. It was so exciting and such a great experience for Dakota to get to run at the state meet. We had two runners place in the top 25 ~~ that is GREAT!!

I have lots of pics from the Athletic Banquet (like 54 or something), but strangely enough all of them taken at school with other kids and so I'll try to get some pics with just Dakota and his awards from that day and post.

He really wanted to letter in cross country, but I wasn't sure how that worked, and being the cautious mother that I am, tried to keep him from getting his hopes up too high, but I told him he'd just have to wait and see. Well he did letter and this simple thing boosted his confidence and desire to do better more than anything else has in a while. We were thrilled!!

Now along with the letter he got another CC award that he wasn't expecting at all. They give some individual awards as well, and one that is given in CC is most miles, and Dakota had the most miles ran of the whole team with 167 miles. We knew he'd ran a lot, but that is A LOT OF MILES!!! RIDICULOUS SON ~~ WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!!! Even he was surprised.

We are so proud of you son!! You are the best teen we know!!

Tonight is his spring concert, (he is in Chamber Choir), and will take pics I can actually post this time :)

Look for pics of his concert, the garden, and more of the latest scrapbook pages (their turning out soooooooooo cute:) So stay tuned ~~

Have a blessed day,


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