Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What fun!!

Well, blogger was down for a little bit, but now (hopefully) up and running and this will post :)

Yesterday was such a fun day. Mom and Dakota went to see "Narnia: Prince Caspian". Now for the record: LOVE THE BOOKS ~~ LOVE THE "FIRST" MOVIE ~~ (remember I didn't go see it with them yesterday because me and my man will hopefully get to see it this weekend YEAH!!) Dakota said it was AWESOME!!!

But I do have pics from yesterday. Dakota wanted to eat at Backyard Burger. Well mom had never been there, but she loved it. And it was just to fun ~~ they always crack me up when their together.

Dakota showing his "grammy" his new cell phone. (She had no idea what she was looking at, but she looked interested none-the-less; she's great like that!!)
Dakota was being so silly, Grammy laughed hard when she saw this pic!!
And here they are being their sweet, sweet selves!!
So then Dakota took the camera and mom couldn't stop laughing!!
"Come on mom we're on camera here :)"

Okay, so I thought I'd grabbed the sweet one out of my digital bag of tricks, but alas, I did not. So you get this one where mom's looking away and I looked scared!!
Dakota had a GREAT time mom, Thanks!! You are the best Grammy a kid could ever wish for!!

So while they went to the movies I did what every red-blooded mid-western girl does in such a predicament ~~ I shopped!! Went to Gordman's and found the c-u-t-e-s-t swimsuit and swimsuit covers ever. And this from a girl who thinks swimsuit shopping is a form of cruel and unusual punishment :) ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha So when I lose 10 more lbs you may just find me at Gordmans!! No swimsuit yet though!!

Well, then I went to Rue 21 and they had the c-u-t-e-s-t little dresses on their clearance. Now get this, take 50% off the lowest price marked ~~ get out of town!! How exciting!! So I bought a dress (yes just one), and guess how much I spent?? Well, it started out $19.99 marked down to $14.99 and yep you guessed it 1/2 off of that. I paid w/tax a grand total of $8.00 even. And oh it is sooooooooo cute. I'll be showing pics of that soon, so check back often :)

So here's a little randomness for you: Cook or Archuletta?
My son voted for Cook like 70 times, but my friend Georgia says Archuletta!! Me? Well, I've been a Cook fan from the start. 3 things I like about D cook: 1. His story 2. His edgy sound 3. He's from Blue Springs ~~ come on he's a Missouri boy ~~ okay I'm sure there's more but. . .
tonight should be exciting ~~ plus Carrie is singing in the finale~~ okay is she the cutest girl you've ever seen or what? Okay enough randomness for now.

Have a GREAT afternoon. I'm going to continue icing my knee so maybe I can exercise this afternoon ~~ Love and Hugs, Dawn

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