Friday, June 20, 2008

Ahh the Little Things !! . . .

Well, as I've written in previous posts, Tuesday was our first Summer Bible study, and I am still just so overjoyed that Abba Father loves me so much. What a joy it is to be His girl. I have so struggled in my life at times with what it means to be His, but He is revealing Himself more and more to me every day; and I do mean every day.

A while back my husband said that we needed to start becoming aware of all the "little" things God does for us in our daily life and giving Him the praise. So I started being more aware, and you just wouldn't believe all the "little" things that have big consequences every single day of our life. He is good and He is gracious and He loves beyond . . . absolutely beyond!!

So I wanted to share a few of the "little" things He has done just this week.
Dakota started Cross Country camp this week and he has been running like a crazy man, and he hasn't had a single problem not one. In the past he has had a lot of trouble with one of his knees (he has Osgood Schlater's), but his knee's have been fine. Also he used to have terrible trouble with getting overheated and breaking out, (then he had to take Benedryl or he would swell up), but this week he has done so good and ran so hard, and he's of course gotten hot but not overheated. We are so proud of him. His team got to go to state last year in CC; it was a great experience for Dakota. He's running to have a repeat this year!! Ahh the little things . . .

My husband came home last night (Thursday) and said that he'd taken the day off ~~ WOOHOO!! He's been so busy at work lately, I'm so thankful he was able to take an extra day off. Ahh the little things . . .

On Tuesday my refrigerator went on the blink - again (yes on our first Bible Study day), so we had to purchase another one. So we went to our local used appliance store and bought one with ice and water in the door. Well, still no ice, but we do have water. Hopefully the ice make will start working ~~ maybe we're missing something. Since we've never had one like this before we're not really sure what we're looking for :) but even with the current problem with the new one, I'm still thrilled to have a refrigerator that keeps our milk cold ~~ Ahh the little things. . .

Well, today (Saturday) Georgia is coming over to cook out and then we're going to watch the local city fireworks. Last year they moved the show to our new high school building, well it is at the end of our street, so we get a front row view ~~ so great!! Ahh the little things. . .

So how are you today? . . . Are you acknowledging the little things in your life? Let me encourage you today. This one simple step has had such huge benefits in our lives personally.

This year is the maiden voyage of our garden.
And so I thought I'd include a couple of pics of our spring planting that my hubby took.
And then hopefully today I'll get a couple pics taken of the current garden ~~ too amazing!!
God is truly AMAZING!! How He takes little seeds and turns them into huge fruit producing plants. . .hmm isn't that what He does with us?! . . . Oh how I hope that's true of me :) I want to be a huge fruit producer for my Jesus!!

Have a very Blessed and happy weekend!! My love to you all in Christ!!
Keep on keeping on and notice those little things . . .Oh how they'll Bless your life!!

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  1. I am really enjoying this Bible Study! It is going to be great.