Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Day in the Life . . .

Emilie over at Mimi's posted about a man that took a pic of his day every day for like almost 20 years w/a Polaroid camera. And so she posted a pic of her day and I loved this idea I thought I'd give you a few pics of my life right now in this season.

Before I do, let me preface it by saying that the sermon this morning was absolutely fantastic in a rubber-meet-the-road kind of way. Pastor got right into the middle of life. ~~ We are currently in a series in Luke ~~ now I say currently, but we've been in Luke for I think going on 4 years now. Our preaching team preaches verse-by-verse. So we've been taking Luke one verse at a time, and currently we are in Luke 21. Today he looked at verses 12-19, about the Signs of the End of the Age, and it is an absolutely fascinating and intriguing group of Scriptures. When you study this way the nuances of Scripture really come alive!!

Pastor spent most of his sermon talking about salvation. Now let me just say at the onset here that our church's mission is to share the Gospel. We have been so blessed to see salvation's on a weekly basis in our church for sometime. God has had His hand on this church since it's onset, and our Pastor is very quick to point that out. (He stated just two weeks ago that it is not him, it is ALL GOD!!) He went back to Luke 8 this morning and explained the Parable of the Sower, and what it really meant to be saved and what that looks like in real life. He said what I have heard said many times "The proof of a person truly being saved is fruit not foliage."

Well this got me thinking about my own life and where God has been leading me and my family lately. God has really been working in all three of our hearts. But I really needed to talk this out. So I did what any woman with a husband with a heart after God would do, I went to him and told him how I was feeling and told him I felt like I lacked a boldness. (I'm a very soft person, kind of always have been ~~ very non-in-your-face ~~ but very passionate about the things of God). But I've had a difficult time expressing and really being bold for the Lord. Right now God is giving me a wonderful opportunity to be bold for Him, but I'm having a battle with fear.

As I was sitting there in church today, God was speaking to my heart about being bold for Him, and ways that I can do that and then when I got home this afternoon and was talking to my husband about this, he said the exact thing God had spoke to me in my heart this morning. It was a wonderful confirmation for me. God has been doing that a lot in my life right now. He is working and moving and I am so excited to see where He is leading. And I am so thankful for this Godly man He has put in my life; my sweet husband. He truly is the BEST!!

So now on to the pics . . .
This is my study room. We call it "spare oom" yes from the "Chronicles of Narnia" and I'm so blessed to have a room like this.
I know it is messy but it is so homey to me right now.
Computer, Bibles, and yes ice tea help make this room home :)

This is the book I am currently reading . . . and so far it is GREAT!! I'll let ya know!!
I finished up "The Shack" and oh my word, that book is a post of it's own let me tell ya :)
This is the Bible study that the girls and I are up to our eyeballs in right now ~~ Praise You Jesus!!
This of course if the precious Word of God!! May I never get over it!!
This is my journal ~~ Oh the secrets in there :)
So that is my life right now, and man am I glad!! To read the Word and gain wisdom, to hear God speak through His Word and through His children; truly splendid.
So what does your world look like right now? You really should go visit MiMi and check out that post; pretty amazing!!


  1. Wasn't that an amazing story? I am glad that you shared with me what your day was looking like right now. It sounds like God really has his hand on your Pastor and your church. That's awesome! Sounds like you have a wonderful husband, too!
    Bless you,

  2. I loved Mimi's post and love yours, too. I need to do a "day in the life" post sometime. Maybe this week?!?!
    Hope you have a great week this week- right in the center of God's Will!

  3. Hi Dawn,
    Thank you for sharing that with us!
    I hope you have a fabulous week.
    Sandy :)

  4. Oh Dawn, I have missed you dear friend and hearing what the Lord is speaking to you!!!!!!! The way you talk about your walk with him is so beautiful!!!! I love you!!!!! I am going to go read the rest of the post I missed!!! Thinking of you right now and your desire for increased boldness!!!!!!

  5. Great post, Dawn. "To read the Word and gain wisdom ...." - my deepest desire.

    Thanks for sharing this.

  6. Ooh, you are doing No Other Gods! I started it, too, and LOVE it! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! Come back any time. And, yes, I can believe that chocolate soap would be amazing! I need to check that out!!