Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Pic Posting Mood . . .

Well, it is officially summer around here!! But with all the rain we've been having you think it'd still be April, but we're pressing on. . . because with the rain has brought (for the most part:) some beautiful summer color in the great out of doors!!

So sit back and relax with your fav drink of the summer . . . sweet tea . . . homemade lemonade . . Sonic ... OHH Sonic now there're an idea - okay I'm gettin' off subject - whatever coolness strikes your fancy and enjoy a few pics from our corner of this big 'ole beautiful earth!!
Okay, so these are in very random order . . .
This is our Swiss Chard. I wanted to grow some because it is soooooooo good for you. Well I tried it for the first time last night stir fried w/fresh garden Zucchini (thank you Dena and Brian my sis and B-I-L) soooooooo good let me tell ya ~~ over some brown rice. YUMMY!!

Front flower garden ~~ beautiful hydrangeas!!

Back flower garden ~~ Beautiful Shasta Daisy's . . . all this rain has been good for them!!
And the Lily's (same bed as the Shasta's . . . they hang out together!! :)
This is the good side of our garden :)
Hello BEAUTIFUL sunflowers ~~ my fav!!
There's tomatoes hidin' in them there plants hahahahaha :)
Ahh the garden taken from it's best side!!
Another sunflower ~~ yes they get a lot of air time!! Have I told you their my fav's? :)
Yep those are cherry tomatoes in there ~~ MMMM can't wait to pop one of those babies in my mouth!!

Okay now I told you that these pics were in here randomly ~~ this is what I found when I rounded the corner Sunday night ~~ my dear son sitting reading (fav past time ) and yes that is a bowl of pudding he made with his own two hands ~~ yep been teaching him a thing or two in the kitchen ~~ You go son ~~ you rock my world :)
Okay and here he is Monday helping me in the kitchen. He wanted to grill some burgers he saw on RR and since I'm all about it I said let's go baby boy!! So we donned our apons and away we went.
Oh the apron? Yeah one I made years ago. He put that baby on and wanted to know if it made him look fat. Too funny!! I told him he couldn't put anything on that would do that ~~ you could say he's a running twig~~ Yep that's my boy!!
Okay now the garden from it's not best side. You may be wondering what these are ~~ yep they are beans. They don't really resemble beans . . .
Because they cannot get big enough to produce beans ~~ silly rabbits beans are for people~~ really it's the rabbits!!

So I do realize that this was a whole lot of randomness, but just wanted to share some of our everyday with you. If you read this blog I just want to say thank you. I enjoy so many of yours. They really get me to thinking and praying . . . and listening.
Much love to all who take the time to pass by this way. I actually have a couple more pics to add, but I'm pretty sure that if you've made it this far you're slurpping the end of your yummy goodness you started with. . . :)
Thanks for reading,


  1. You know you had me from the mention of "Sonic drink!" ha!
    I love the pics....beautiful, beautiful flowers!!! I am jealous b/c I have nothing near a green thumb!
    Thanks so much for sharing- you are a blessing!

  2. WOW! Your garden is looking really good! I am doing some container gardening this year and I hope to put in some raised beds by next year. I need to try the Swiss Chard -- I love kale, spinach, collards, etc, but for some reason I've never tried Swiss Chard?!??! I'm not sure what it tastes like, but I know it is supposed to be very good for you. The hydrangeas are beautiful! They are one of my favorite flowers. Thanks for all the pics.

  3. Hey, Dawn, your garden looks wonderful! Tell Mr. Dakota that he can come cook at my house! My family would be so pleased! :-)

  4. Wow!! I'm impressed! Your garden looks amazing! That zucchini and swiss chard over rice sounds really yummy, too!

  5. I am always impressed by a good garden! I wish I had that ability. Some people have green thumbs, but unfortunately, I have a black one! On another note, I love that your son will cook. Good for him!