Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Yikes and OHH Pretty . . .

So first the yikes!! If there is one thing that I could do without it would be mice. I mean come on do they really serve a purpose? Their creepy, squeeky, creepy, dirty, creepy, scary, did I mention ~~ CREEPY ~~ little creatures!! And don't even get me started on rats!! It will send me into a tailspin I may never come out of!!!!!!!! Breathe girl, breathe!! :)

Okay, so Saturday I opened my microwave and this is what I found . . .

Oh Yeah, It nearly sent me over the edge!!!! Now if you look closely you'll see this is not a real mouse, but to me . . . yeah doesn't matter . . . yuk, creepy, yuk CREEPY!!
So how did it get there? ~~ Yep you guessed it . . . The TEENAGER!! Oh yeah he thinks its funny to nearly send his mother into cardiac arrest!! Oh he is hilarious!!
And then Sunday as I was making my husbands lunch (and did I mention at 5:00 am), I pulled his water bottle out of the fridge and something fell off of it. I thought it was the lid, oh no it was this dad-blasted, CREEPY mouse ~~ it liked to send me to the rubber room!!!!!! Breathe girl, breathe!!
Okay so enough of the mouse. HALLELUJAH!! I'd like to show you a bench that my husband has used as a night stand for years. After looking at the pics of my living room that I posted last week, decided it needed some help. . .so I rescued the bench from my husbands side of the bed, gave it a dusting, put a pretty little wicker table in its stead (yeah it's okay my husband doesn't mind :), and put it here with the diffuser my son got me for Christmas and a tray I picked up at Michael's for 1/2 off, and then on the bottom is a decorative candle thingy (very professional word :) that my mother-in-law got me for Christmas a lonnnnnnnggggggggg time ago, and put it under my window looking out the at backyard: what do you think!! I think I like :)

Now this is afore mentioned back yard (porch).

And I just had to show this . . . this is the hosta in my front bed. I only have one and it was so teeny when we moved in four years ago (Sunday). Look how ginormous it is now!! It looks so pretty just had to show!!

Remember to take some time today to thank God for the little things and the big!! He is worthy.



  1. haaaahahhahaahahhhhaahaahahha oh my gosh i would be screaming my head off!!!!!!!!!! that is sooooooo funny!!!!!!! oh i can't stand little cridders...real or fake!!!!!!!!!!!! so funny!!!!

  2. Oh my goodness... I will never be able to open my microwave without thinking of you now! i have goosebumps! Susie H