Monday, June 2, 2008

Lots of Stuff . . .

My husband had to work this weekend, so I was busy with things at home. Unfortunately my knee is currently being very uncooperative and so Saturday I spent a lot of time with my leg up and icing. But that's okay because it gave me time to read my new book. Now I'm not to sure about this book yet. I don't really do sad books so much, but I'd read a lot about this one and decided I'd give it a go. It's The Shack by William Young. So far, it's really, really sad. I haven't actually gotten to the premise part of the book yet, that is the part I've just started reading. So I'll let you know what I think. But if you've read it and would like to give me your review of the book, please do. Would love to know what your thoughts are on it.

Well, since Dakota and I were home on Saturday that of course meant for him, that a friend could come over. I've always wanted to be the house that the kids come to instead of Dakota going to someones house I don't really know. So the kids come here ~~ and I love it. Being the hang out place does pose certain challenges, like you have to have more food to feed the hungry lot, but small price to pay (even at today's prices!!), so the kids can come here.

So on Saturday Alyssa came over. The kids had the best time. It did my little heart so good to sit (yes with knee up and ice on :) and listen to them play cards, and the race car game and my favorite: the cooking!! Yep Alyssa loves to cook and I don't think she really gets to at her house, so when she comes over she always wants to cook. So Saturday it was chocolate chip pancakes and then a little later fried mushrooms. She'd never had them ~~ YUMMY!! I stay out of the kitchen for the most part, but it is so great because when they come up against a problem who do they go to? Yep they come running to me it is the cutest thing. Kids are such a huge responsibility and such a HUGE joy!!


So I did it ~~ I saw my neighbor out ~~ yep the one God laid on my heart to invite to Bible Study ~~ and I walked over and asked her if she wanted to come. Her response was overwhelming: "I can't believe you came over here today. I've been telling God I needed something, but I didn't know what - and over you walk. I really need this." My heart was overjoyed, almost to the point of tears, but kept it together, can you imagine someone inviting you to a Bible study and then when you say yes they become a sobbing mess? ~~ God is so good. Not only did she want to come, the next day she knocked on my door with her phone number and her money for the book. Her eagerness for God was humbling.

So here is what I'm working on . . .

This is four of the six books I picked-up for the ladies (one I picked-up on faith ~~ there is another lady one of my friends that is working on ~~ pray, pray she can make it as well),
I've already delivered two books ~~ I'm so overjoyed by how God is working in this.

Okay, so one more thing, over the summer our blog for CYC (Clever Youth for Christ) is up and running, and I'm doing a study with them on the life of Elijah that posts on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and I've written about how God calls us to obedience and a lot of times:

obedience = uncomfortableness (is that a word? :)

So I told them there is a situation in my life right now that God is calling me to obedience on and it is producing some uncomfortable moments in my life as I step out of the box. Well, I'm talking about hosting this Bible study ~~~ so if you'd like to read my journey with that go here.

Well, today I'm revamping some of my decorating in the living room. After I saw the pics live and in color on the blog I decided my living room needed some help. So I'm giving it some TLC and decorating flair (hopefully ~~ heehee), so I'll post on that soon and also on the shoes I got at the GS on Saturday ~~ I knew they were no ordinary pair of sandals ~~ stay tuned riveting stuff I know.

Have a Blessed and Happy Monday,



  1. Dawn-
    Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog! I love meeting new friends. I've seen you on several of the other blogs I read and enjoyed visiting here today! I'm looking forward to coming back soon!

    Have a great day!

  2. ooooooooooooooo dawn I am so glad that you talked to your neighbor. sooooo right!!!! hahahha I usually cry when its over hahahhahahhah. I can't wait to see what God is going to each of you in this study!!! PRAISE THE LORD HE IS USING YOU!!!! OH WHAT A BLESSING!!!

    I'm sorry to here about the knee! how is it today????

    love you friend!!!!!