Monday, July 14, 2008

Blackberry Bliss !!!

Okay can I just tell you what fun I have just going to the blackberry patch. It is just a great joy for me to climb over a fence and hunt me some blackberries. Now keep in mind with knees like mine they sometimes get away (hahahahaha)~~ but ahhh the fun in trying :)
So this is "THE" patch!! What you are seeing is one - count 'em - ONE bbp in a whole field of bbp's. AMAZING!! My friend Georgia (the one in the red hat) and I picked last year at this patches and got more berries than we could eat!!! So this year my sis wanted to go ~~ but, she, like me had never been bb-pickin' ~~ It was such a fun time!!

Here is my neice doing a little pickin' ~~ she stayed with me a let G & D go down the hill ~~ so sweet, Thanks Becca!!
And then, ahh yes, that's me ~~ yes that is my BB disquise ~~ very clever huh?!? :) (WOW I look REALLY old huh!?!?) Tell me it's the hat, please tell me!!! :)
Okay any way just thought I'd share a little bit of our day on Monday. I'm actually finishing this today, Wednesday but I wanted to get this posted ~~ It really was just sooooooooo fun!!
Yesterday was Bible Study day, I'll share more about in the coming days and I also have some fun stuff going on today that I'll be sharing.
So I hope you all have a GREAT day, and get out there in those bbp ~~ a little chigger washes right off and the berries are so worth it :) YUMMY


  1. What fun! Hope your knee is doing better.
    You are brave for getting out there...I don't go anywhere NEAR chiggers...I got them one summer and was miserable!
    Keep enjoying your summer

  2. I'm guessing some Blackberry Cobbler is in the forecast! This post brings back lots of childhood memories for me.

    I hope your knee is feeling much better!

  3. All I can say is YUM!! Ooh, now I'm hungry!!