Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thankful Beyond . . . Just Beyond!!!!

So there is some randomness that will sneak into this post, but I'll try to keep you with me. I have a tendency to ramble :) No not me ~~ really?! Yep, say it isn't so!! (See?!?)

Okay well first of all Tuesday was Bible Study Tuesday. And can I just say emphatically that I/We serve an AWESOME GOD!!!! I mean seriously Awesome!!!!!!!! When K got here I asked her about her sis C (you remember, she accepted Christ as her Savior!!!!!!!!!!!) And let me tell you I was blown away by her answer ~~ I mean seriously blown away!!!!!!

C is back in California and when she was leaving Bible Study I gave her a copy of our "No Other gods" study (she'd been sharing with her sis). At first she looked at me like, "Are you for real?" God told me to give it to her. He is soooooooooo great!! Well, K told us that when she got to California she started her own NOG (No Other god's) group. Are you kidding me?? No really, she formed her own group, there's about 5 of them made up of fam and friends, and they meet at a coffee shop to discuss their study. How Great is that!! I mean really, God is just altogether THE BEST!!!

When K was telling me this, she also said that she had never seen her sis act so grown up before. Now with all of this positive in her life she is, of course, being attacked by the enemy, but she is praying, praying, praying and God is showing up and helping her at every obstacle. She has this awesome child-like faith that is uncomplicated and refreshing. Oh the blood of Jesus that washes white as snow. He has the power to change lives and does. If you are believing God for something today I just encourage you today ~~ Believe ~~ just step out in child-like faith like my friend C and watch God move. He will - He seriously will!!!!

Bible Study Tuesday's are always hectic but exciting days for me. I'm always amazed at how God brings it all together. Remember when I started, I was scared silly!! But God has worked through my fear to give me GREAT joy in this journey. Now that is not to say that I don't still deal with fear in this, but God is helping me. This is not about me, it is ALL ABOUT HIM!! And when I'm praying for our meetings I ask God to make it all about Him. Oh that I could remember that ~~ It is all about Him!!!!!

Well, again it was another week of fab food. The menu: Pioneer Woman's Chicken Spaghetti, Cucumber Sandwiches, Apple Crostata and The Most Amazing Banana Pudding Ever!!
Now I made the Chicken Spaghetti and the Cucumber Sandwiches, really we was suppose to make one or the other, but since I can't eat MSG, which is loaded in Chicken Spaghetti, I made both and wow glad I did. The Cucumber Sandwiches ~~ amazingly refreshing and yummy. I am currently working on my recipe blog and hope to have it launched soon, and I'll put the recipe there. Seriously GREAT!!!!!!!!!! And I made the Banana Pudding for dessert, the best I've ever had ~~ ever!! And everyone who ate the Chicken Spaghetti said is was great as well, and it got the seal of approval from my fab hubby who ate it for supper !! YEAH!! It's a keeper!!

So my baby sis gave me some early apples from one of her neighbors when she was here Monday, and they looked so pretty in my bread/apple basket :) that I had to take a pic. And yesterday I made the apple crostada, and can I just say ~~ delious!!
And of course I had to take a pic of our flower centerpiece from Tuesday.
Our hydrangeas have really out did themselves this year. So I cut, scalded, dunked and arranged ~~ Beautiful!!

Then Tuesday night I came into my kitchen to find this. . . .

And this . . . yes my teen was at it again :)
Oh yeah and this . . . Dakota quit torturing the zucchini (hahahahaha)
This kid just cracks me up!! Yeah and that is the closet he ever gets to eating a zucchini.
So I guess I'll take what I can get huh?!!

So yesterday afternoon I canned aforementioned zucchini. My sis brought me a bushel of zucchini over on Monday ~~ Thanks so much sis and B-I-L you two Rock!! ~~ so I canned this zucchini relish. Does anybody have anymore suggestions for zucchini and storing it for winter?
And lastly, (if you made it this far in the reading Bless you!!) Has anyone read this book?

My friend brought it to me on Tuesday. It is an amazing story ~~ can't wait to get started.

So what summer reads have caught your attention. I've read 4 books so far this summer. I'll have to give some blog time to them soon as I LOVE to read!!

Thanks so much for reading. I appreciate you all so much. My life is so greatly enriched by all who stop by ~~ Much Blessing to you my dear ones,



  1. OK, so I don't live that far from Missouri. I mean, we're neighboring states and all. So, I think I just might have to come visit. You know, to inspect your cooking ;) Seriously, I'm salivating here!! But, more importantly, I am blown away by how awesome God is too. He never ceases to amaze me!!!

  2. Wow! How is exciting to see God working in the lives of people. I will pray that God will give her endurance to withstand the attacks of the enemy during her new walk with our Father. I am glad your bible study is going well. The menu sounded great and what fun teens are:)