Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Breathe . . . . Just Breathe . . .And Pray!!!

So today my friend Georgia came over and we hung out a while. She went out to help me pick tomatoes and look things over. Then we cut zucchini to freeze and did, ya know, just stuff.

Well it came time for her to go, so I asked her if she wanted to walk out to the garden with me again before she left (I go out several times a day usually ~~ I love our garden :0)

So we get out there and something was moving, uhh plants aren't suppose to move and then we saw it ~~ there was a snake ~~ A SNAKE!!!! AHHHHHH!!! AHHHHHH!!! Run away Run Away ~~ Oh yeah your knee won't run away ~~ stand and yell ~~ STAND AND YELL!! Oh yeah and LAUGH!!! and LAUGH!! and LAUGH!!! It was a garden snake but still BIG and STILL A SNAKE!!!

Okay so my friend Georgia, yeah she is like REALLY afraid of snakes ~~ ridiculously afraid of snakes ~~ so that's where the laughing comes in ~~ thought there would be some serious hyperventilating going on!! So when she starts breathing again she says, "You're not afraid of snakes?" To which I answered: "Not really, I don't like them, but their not MICE!!" She just laughed and laughed. Isn't it funny how we all have little creepy crawlies that we don't like. Yep for me it would be mice ~~ YUK GROSS DISGUSTING ~~ even typing the word makes me squirm. So we had an exciting afternoon ~~ Too funny!!!

So excuse while I switch gears, but do any of you ever fix supper without a real "main" item like chicken or beef? Well, we had that kind of supper tonight. We had fresh green beans from the Farmer's Market, slow cooked with onion and dill, so good !! ~~ corn-off-the-cob that I cut and froze, stuffed mushrooms (YUMMY ~~ one of our fav's) and then fried zucchini using a recipe I got here ~~ yep from Pioneer Woman's friend Ryan. This was a good recipe for an abudance of zucchini. Then for dessert we will be having Double-Berry Shortcake (left over from last night) soooooooo good!! This was a GREAT summer supper!! So do any of you cook like this?

Speaking of cooking, I LOVE TO COOK ~~ and I am working on getting my recipe blog filled and up and running, it is going rather slowly, but hopefully I will get it added soon ~~ really soon :0)

So let's switch gears one more time :) This morning I didn't want to pray or study. Nope I was having issues with myself. I wish I knew why this happened but I think it has something to do with the fact of "I" (which "I" have used 7 times in this paragraph alone!!!!) Yep, "I" was the problem. So "I" did something "I" don't ever remember doing before, "I" just told God that "I" didn't want to pray, but was going to anyway, and WOW, let me just say, GOD IS AWESOME!! He totally showed up for me and helped me to see that even when "I" don't feel like it (maybe especially when "I" don't feel like it), if "I" trust Him and put my selfisness aside He is there ~~ HE IS ALWAYS THERE!!! (Yep used "I" a total of 16 times in this paragraph alone ~~ are you sensing a problem :-)

So I started praying and then started reading the Word, and went to Isaiah 55 and read the whole chapter and God spoke to me and gave me direction for Bible study on Tuesday and He said I needed to read this whole chapter to the ladies. So after prayer time I picked up the "No Other gods" study and started reading the intro to the next week, and then the first day and BOOM there it was the verse for that day. (Kelly Minter always has a verse that she focuses on for that day). You know what it was for today? Isaiah 55:1 ~~ I'm not jk'ing here, seriously. So what did I do ~~ started crying and praising God and wrote in the margin about how God showed up for me this morning!! Listen, I didn't want to pray today or study; I wanted to wallow in self-pity and doubt, and be disgusted with myself and overeat and just be stinky. I'm so glad that God wouldn't let me do that. I'm accountable to people and if for no other reason than that I made myself study and pray today. God is so Good!!!!!!!!! I will never be able to say it enough. If you have a time you don't want to pray or study, go ahead do it anyway and watch God show up, because I am convinced He will!!! HE WILL!! He showed up for Paul and Silas in jail, He showed up for the disciples in the boat, and He will show up for you!!!!!

Thank you so much for reading. This is a difficult season for me right now, and even with all that God showed me this morning I still had an attack of anxiety and fear this afternoon ~~ I am pitiful!! But God showed up again and started telling me to trust Him and I did and I do. So if you are going through tough stuff hang in there friend ~~ God Never Changes and He so gets you ~~ He does !!!!!!!! And He loves you!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a GREAT evening,



  1. So much to say. First, I HATE snakes and mice!! Second, I LOVE to cook and cannot wait to see all your recipes. Third, and way more importantly ;), God is so awesome. I am my own worst enemy, and there are so many days that I tell Him, "I don't want to do ___, but I'm willing to be willing to do it." And, it never fails, He always shows up! He is so faithful!!! I am praying for you, friend!!

  2. You are so sweet and honest Dawn! Thank you for sharing this are not alone! I think we all have those days when we're "not feelin' it"!

    I LOVE dinners that are all veggies-especially in the summer. Mmmmm...those are the best!