Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Just a couple things . . .

Okay so I just have a couple things today and then I think I'm gonna lay down awhile.

I've had a couple of you interested in the rice dish with the turkey. Seriously sooooooooo easy. Just Minute brown rice (if you haven't tried - oh you really should, really you should :0) the texture is perfect (if cooked on the stove) and the taste?-divine!! I just make it according to the box but instead of water I use chicken stock (I like Rachael Ray's if I don't have homemade), and cook and then when you take it to the table put some cashews along side to top at the plate and you are ready to eat ~~~~~ YUMM YUMMM YUMMM!!!! And it is also delicious left over (just make sure the cashews stay on the side until you're ready to serve and then top at the plate other wise they get stale).

And can I just say THANK YOU to all that inquire about and prayer for my knees. I wanted to let you know that my doc contacted Mayo Clinic yesterday, and they are reviewing my records and we should know if they'll be able to help in about a week. So again THANK YOU for caring so much and for all the kind words and thoughts that go up to our Father on my behalf!!

Yesterday, I went to my regular doc because I've been having A LOT of headaches - like every day for over a month - and was getting a little concerned, so she took a look at me and thought that I'm having tension/stress headaches (I apparently need to chill :-) so she gave me some medicine and we're going to try that. If it doesn't work then I'll have to go in for tests, ya know MRI's and so forth, but hopefully this will do it.

Okay well, enough about that. I wanted to put a link to this site. My cousin sent this link out on her blog of the message one of their Pastor's preached this past weekend. And can I just say ~~ WOW!! Are you kiddin' me? Just right along with what I've been studying and hit me right between the eyes, but sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good!! Really soooooooo good. It is 37 mins long, but if you have the time to sit and listen it is well worth the time. It is one you will think about a long time!!!

And since this is a random post, let me just leave you with this little bit of randomness.

Me: Dakota you could make your bed if you wanted.

Dakota: I could go lay down in the grass and get hives, too.

:) Apparently he did not want to make his bed this morning. But thankfully he did and I didn't have to get the Epi pen out!! :0) He is so cute ~~ Really just so cute!!!

Have a GREAT afternoon and evening,

PS It is now raining ~~ Yeah for the garden!!!!


  1. Praying for you Dawn, that the Lord would bring healing and relief from the headaches and the knee pain. Praise Him for He is our Jehovah Rophe!

  2. Dawn- I will be praying for your knee AND the headaches. You know I know some good headache prayers!!!
    I hope you are feeling good today!

  3. I'm praying for you!! For your knee and your headaches!! Keep us updated about Mayo.

  4. I will be praying about your headaches, as well as, your knee. I am thankful that your doctor has started the steps toward getting you into The Mayo Clinic. My son was there for 8 days a couple of years ago and I know what "an act of Congress" it took to get him approved to go there. It is an awesome place, though!

    Keep us updated!