Thursday, July 10, 2008

Such a Tiny Offering . . .

"If ever He loved me, He loves me forever!!" This is a quote my Pastor refers to often. It has stuck like superglue to the corners and crevices of my heart. God loved me when I was completely unlovable and loves me today still. I fought hard to keep the deep places hidden, but you just simply cannot hide from God. There is no where that He is not, but also there is nothing in those deep hidden places that surprise Him, for that I am so thankful!!

It is interesting to see Him work though. He has drawn me out of my seemingly safe shell, and has placed me here on this incredible journey on the Internet super highway of life. And most importantly, He has placed me here because of my relationship with His Son Jesus Christ. I want to proclaim His Name until no breathe remains in me, and what better place and time to do that than today where we can reach millions, sitting in our homes typing on an extremely intricate piece of electronic machinery, no bigger than a textbook ~~ Truly Amazing!!

I want to tell you about something that has happened this week in my heart. On Tuesday I told you all about one of the most painful times in my life. It was very difficult to get it down on "paper" (Internet paper if you will :) and have it make a modicum of sense and still due honor to memory and past experiences without appearing weak and frail because of it. Because really I am so much stronger because of the realness of that time in my life.

I posted it on Tuesday and then yesterday just couldn't wait to post again because I wanted something much more upbeat here and fun like Summer WOOHOO!! But that was me wanting to cover, yet again, the pain of life. Some how I thought if I posted quickly that maybe it wouldn't hurt so bad or you'd accept me better, yes I know CRAZY!! These are just some raw feelings I dealt with yesterday. So I posted.

Well a dear fellow blogger Betsy (I love her blog; you really should check it out!!) wrote a very sweet comment and said that she almost didn't scroll down to Tuesdays entry, (there were lots of pics yesterday and in a way I guess I was trying to hide Tuesdays blog ~~ pathetic!! Again just keeping it real), but she said she was so glad she did. Thank you B, I so appreciate each and every comment and this one God really worked in and started doing a work in this girl's heart.

My testimony really isn't about me, so much as it is about God and His faithfulness and His ability to redeem a broken, lost and angry girl; it is about what He has done in my life in spite of the pain and hurt that resides within my testimony. Why is it I try to make it all about me? I really am pathetic sometimes!! Yes it happened to me, but no it is not about me!! WOW now there's a light bulb moment for you!! (that I should have already known ~~ I know I know pathetic!!)

So this morning I woke up with a song in my heart: "God with Us" by MercyMe. And the part that is really sticking out to me this morning is this:

Such a tiny offering,
Compared to Calvary,
But nevertheless, I lay it at Your feet!!
Listen our lives here are but a vapor. And God wants to use every breathe of that vapor to draw us to Himself, so others will also be drawn to Him because of our relationship with the Father. It really is a beautiful thing. So today my tiny offering is my testimony from Tuesday. You can scroll down and read it (July 8th) or check it out here.
God, thank you for working out Your wonderful plan of love for my life. You have never let me go and I am so grateful. My life, it's such a tiny offering, compared to Calvary Lord, but here it is, I lay it at Your feet Jesus!! All that is within me cries, to You alone be glorified Immanuel God with us ~~ My heart sings a brand new song, my debt is paid these chains are gone, Immanuel God with us!! Praise Your Name Jesus!! Amen


  1. Dawn, I am so happy you shared a little bit of your testimony. I've shared bits and pieces of mine too, and let me tell you, it ain't pretty. I agree with you completely though that I am stronger for going through the things I've been through. So, thanks again for sharing, and don't worry because we can definitely see God in you and through you!!

  2. Thanks for opening sharing your story. It is not about us like you said but about Him. He will receive all Glory and Honor even through tragedies. His plan is far greater than we can even phathom. 1986 had to be a really painful and difficult year for you. I am glad you are close to the Father rather than angry at him.
    Thanks for your transparency.