Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Summer Lovin'

Well, hello lazy, hazy, rainy days of summer !! So do you see a word that doesn't fit? (You know like those games you used to play in school when your teacher was trying to get you to learn something while still having fun ~~ their so tricky!!) Yep, you guessed it (you're so smart :) rainy. It's kind of gloomy and rainy again today. We have standing water in the yard, again, but it is okay because there have been years when we were praying for rain because of all the dryness. So I am choosing to put a positive spin on this another morning of rain (it is starting to clear). And I haven't had to water much so that saves money, right? Hello glass half-full!! Look at me being an all partly-sunny day kinda gal :) !!

Okay so let's look at some pics of summer around our house over the last two weeks!!
The first is a pic of the centerpiece on our table last week for Bible Study. Yep basil and daisy's from our garden ~~ too cute!! And this is the big picture!! Isn't it good to take a look at the big picture once in a while? Just a thought. Anyway, that pound cake you see there ~~ yes I said pound cake like the kind with so much butter in it that it practically clogs your arteries just to look at it!! And then the funniest thing, it has two, yep 2 sticks of butter and then you add butter flavoring ~~ what? Doesn't make a lot of sense, but DELIOUS!!
TA-DA!! Our first tomato of the garden hanging out with one of my fav garage sale finds of the last 5 years!!!
And another TA-DA ~~ our first sunflower ~~ Oh it does my Summer Lovin' heart so good to see this beauty shining in all her glory!!
And then for the biggest TA-DA of them all ~~ Dakota and the catfish he caught on Saturday at Fellows Lake ~~ Get out!! Great job son!!

Well, I hope your havin' a Summer Lovin' kinda day!!
Go on love you some summer!!
Blessings to you,

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  1. Wow!! Great pics! That sunflower is GORGEOUS! And now you've got tomatoes and basil...that is always so good together!

    I'm also impressed with that big fish! I bet Dakota had fun catching that one!