Thursday, August 7, 2008

This is the Day the Lord Hath Made . . .

UPDATE: Hey, just wanted to let everyone know that mom is doing good. My sis came at about 6:30pm and I am now home. Mom's tired, but so far no headache which is GREAT!! We won't get test results until the end of August. Thank you so much for praying, it means more than you know.

I will rejoice and be glad in it !!

As I sat down to type that is the verse that came to mind. I just have a minute, but I wanted to just let you know that today is the day my mom is having the Mylegram done. So it will be a very busy day. We have to be at the place for the test at about 7:15 and then we can't leave until about 11:00 and then once we get her home, she'll have to lay flat for 8 hours so she doesn't develop a really bad headache. Please pray for mom, that the test will go well and she will not get a headache (that can last for days !! ) and pray that the doc's will have wisdom and will know how to best treat my mom if that becomes necessary.

Mom is such a fighter!! She told me the other day when we talked about all the things she's going through right now, she said "It's just another test of my faith." And that is how she has looked at it for years, and her faith stands!! Let me just tell ya. She has been through more in her life than anyone one person that I know at least personally. She is one tough cookie, and I love her so much. Thank you for remembering her today.

Well, I have another post I started yesterday that hopefully I'll maybe get completed tomorrow, it's about our fun, fun day yesterday. Dakota and I went school shopping and it was the MOST fun school shopping experience we have had to date!! TOO FUN!! Here is a preview, Hollister, Aeropostle, Old Navy, Target (I heart Target), yep you talk about fun!!!!!! I'm hoping to get pics of him later in his new duds ~~ so stay tuned, because seriously he is the cutest ~~ JUST THE CUTEST!! When did he grow up, seriously when did that happen? Some little girl is going to come steal his heart, isn't she? Say it isn't so!!

Well, have a blessed and beautiful day. I'll try to update later if I can.

Thank you so much for praying!! Dawn


  1. Hey Dawn,
    I pray that everything went well with your mom today!

    Can't wait to hear more about your school shopping day....I always loved that when I was growing up!

    Hope today has been full of joy!

  2. I am glad your mom is doing well. The shopping trip sounds like it was tons of fun. I have been behind on my blog visits but have enjoyed getting caught up. I love your pastors words about trust. He is right it doesn't mean understanding. It makes perfect sense but so hard to do.
    Congrats on the new grandbaby. He is adorable.

  3. glad to hear that she is well!!!!!! I am sorry i am behind on my reading Dawn! I am catching up this very minute. ohhhhhhh school shopping..still my favorite thing...even as a teacher!!!! love you and your words always encourage me!!!!