Thursday, September 25, 2008

Boy am I proud of you . . . and where there's a will there's a way . . .

So let me start by reading you (blog-style :0) the letter that Dak handed me last night . . . (This letter sent out to parents) It reads, and I quote:

Dear Parents, I just wanted to keep you informed of our happenings in the Clever Choir. This past Saturday, seven of our freshmen and sophomores auditioned for the SCMMEA 9-10 honor choir. Hundreds of students audition and only the top 100 are selected. Our very own Dakota (last name here) was selected, so a very big congratulations to him!

Oh I was sooooooo excited ~~ Yes I know as I said yesterday, but then . . . Oh boy this is the same kind of problem with scheduling we had last year. He made this choir last year as a bass ~~ this year he made it as a tenor ~~ ummmmm okay ~~ and he couldn't attend because his team made it to state in Cross Country, so this year state is a week later, but that means that districts are the SAME DAY as the choir ~~ OH MY STARS YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME!!!??!! Nope not even kidding. And districts in CC this year is an hour and a half a way, so Dak's going to see if he works really hard on the music if they will let him participate in the last half of the day and the concert that afternoon. We think we can get him there by lunch and their concert is at 4:00 pm I think, so we will see. Boy I hope he can do both ~~ he really wants to participate this year and it is such a cool thing for our school to have a representative from our school at this honor's choir. So send some good thoughts and prayers young ones way if ya think of it!! :0)

Okay so I also have pics to post of CC. I'll just give ya a couple (okay it ended up being three :0), but they are having a good year. Our fastest runner graduated last year, but we have 2 seniors this year, 3 juniors and 2 sophomores and a freshman or two so we have a good group. The first five times place for the team so it is really important that Dak does his best at each meet. He's on varisty and has been placing in the top five ~~ generally about 3rd for our team. So he is improving and having a lot of fun on race days. I think fun at practice is wwwwwwwway optional :0) hahahahaha

Okay so you can't see Dakota in this pic, but I wanted to show you the start of one of these races and then in this particular race they take off like you see here and then go around a tree ~~ yeah not even kidding ~~ all these runners bunched up just like this go around a tree ~~ that's some treacherous running I tell ya!!
Here he is same meet workin' hard ~~ run baby run!!!!!! Yo mama loves ya ;o)
Here is his next to maroon guy just behind one of our seniors (other kid in blue just in front of Dak) ~~
Run on with your bad self son!!!!!

So let me just for a moment address the randomness in my posts over the last several days. Because it seems the randomness just keeps happening and I do apologize. You see I guess I'm getting a case of the nerves. I don't know why, I truly believe that we are to go to Mayo I really do, but now that it is getting closer my little heart wants to beat a little faster and my head wants to try to hurt a little more. I guess it is just the anticipation. I so hope they can help us. I want to get back to being the active wife and mama and fun one that I am. Right now I am so slow, but it's okay really . . . I think it's just the anticipation . . . just so ready to get something done for the poor babies. So maybe when it calms down a little I'll get back to less random more focus ~~ but uhhhhhhh, yeah we'll see.

So now to the where there's a will part ~~ yep I told ya, the randomness just continues :0)

You will notice at the bottom of this post a Smilebox (by the way I heart Smilebox!!) On it is some pics from fall decor (a lot of which I've posted already) and some spring centerpieces that I never did get posted, but the bigger picture here is the background music, yes that's right I figured out a way to get a little of the piano that so soothes my soul onto the blog well kinda. I played, recorded in on my MP3 player, downloaded it into my music file on my hard drive, and then uploaded it to my Smilebox, but the only problem is it sounds like a bad recording of a toy piano, but it does have a certain charm, so I decided I'd go ahead and post it. The recording on my player sounds fine, but when it gets here something get's lost in translation, but anyway.

So the song is Jesus, Jesus How I love Thee (yeah I don't think that is the actual name but I can't think of it) it is a fav of my friend G's. But I change it completely up, play it in a minor key, don't play with music, play it as I go and will probably never play it exactly this particular way again ~~ yep I don't know, it's just kinda the way my brain works. :0) Note: You will need to pause the background music before you play ~~

Click to play
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Have a Blessed and wonderful afternoon, Dawn


  1. Wow - how proud you must be of your boy! Even if it means alot of sacrifice! Gotta use the talents that God gave him! There is nothing better than a good tenor voice!!!

  2. proud of Dakota! Seeing the CC pictures brings back lots of memories for me of a day when I had a little CC runner! I loved watching it then and I love these pictures of Dakota, too!

    I am so impressed with the piano playing, as well as, all the technical expertise that it took to get it loaded onto your blog in your SmileBox. Way to go, girl!

    BTW..I love randomness! (-:

  3. Way to go Dakota! That is such an awesome accomplishment. Praying for all the details of your upcoming Mayo trip.

    Also, love the smilebox slideshow with your beautiful piano playing in the pretty!

  4. Dawn,
    Left you "something to smile about" on my blog!

  5. Congrats to Dakota!! Good luck working all the scheduling conflicts out. I hope he gets to participate in both!!!

  6. Go, Dakota! I love running so much and this makes me miss it! I am praying for you every day-and I will pray today that the Lord will take some of that anxiousness and give you some rest and peace in Him (the best kind!) before you go!