Sunday, September 21, 2008

~~ From this Moment ~~

Megan has a great linky going . . . wedding pics. Well, this girl loves this idea because I LOVE WEDDINGS!! I really wanted to be a wedding coordinator at one time, I thought that would be the perfect job!! So since I've been looking at all the GREAT wedding pics, I decided I'd join in and post ours.

So let me just start by saying that there are a lot of pics in this post . . . I LOVED our wedding, but as you will see it was anything but conventional . . . and given the bride, well seriously would you have thought any different? :0)

So what makes our wedding so unconventional? Ummm let's see, we got engaged on my birthday in 1998 (August 26 to be exact), but didn't set a wedding date. We kicked around the whole idea of what kind of wedding we might want and decided to . . . . ELOPE!!!
He came to me on Monday the 28th of September and we decided to get married on Wednesday the 30th of September, yep not even kidding ~~ IT WAS GREAT!!!
I already had my dress, I started looking right after our engagement, because I knew we'd probably elope and I wanted to be ready when that happened. Again GREAT!!!! So I looked and looked and couldn't find what I wanted until I was going through Dillard's and saw a clearance rack of formal (prom-type) dresses and there it was; beautiful ivory, elegant in form, and $55.00 ~~ get out of town girl ~~ really $55.00 ~~ again GREAT!!!!! Yes it is simple, but for me the back said it all. It has a chiffon scarf that hangs from the shoulders to the floor ~~ Yep again BEAUTIFUL!!! Seriously the most beautiful and special dress I have EVER owned!!
So let's begin shall we . . .
Here is a pic of the inside of the little chapel. It is in Eureka Springs, AR and it was just beautiful!! Simple and sweet . . . . LOVED it!!

And here is the happy couple . . . easy on the hair people. Yes it really was that short . . .

Here we are . . . easy on the glasses people . . . yep this was waaaaaayyyyyy before eye surgery :0)

I'm telling ya that man of mine is the cutest thing I have EVER laid eyes on . . .
And this . . . the best kiss pic EVER . . . I just love the way she captured it with our little camera . . . PRICELESS~~~
Mr. and Mrs. Winslow ~~ and the preacher!!!
Here we are in the gardens just out side the chapel . . .

And again . . .
And then my man . . . baby you still stop me in my tracks!!!!
I love this pic of our hands . . . . see my long piano fingers :0)
The happy couple in the gazebo . . .
And then this is the last pic for this marathon session of The Wedding Couple . . .

We will be celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary the day before we leave for Mayo and I have more pics of the reception that my dear friend and cousin threw for us, complete with cute little Dakota pics and also a more recent pic of me in my wedding dress (with longer hair :0) that I had taken a couple years ago. So hopefully I can get these scanned and in my computer and can
show more around that time.
Honestly this was such a beautiful day for us. My man and I felt so Blessed by God to have each other and still feel that way today. He is so the best ~~~~~~~ Thank you for sharing in our special day!!!


  1. Yay! Thank you for sharing your pictures! It looks like was a beautiful day for the both of you! I can't wait to see the pics of your reception!

  2. What a special day! I love the pics of ya'll in the pretty! So glad you shared with us!

  3. I love your pics! That dress is beautiful- I like how "flowy" it is! And girlie- 55 dollars!!! WHOA!
    You guys are such a precious couple....what a blessing from the Lord!
    Praying for you today- when do you leave for Mayo?

  4. I am so glad that you found time to scan your pictures so you could share with all of us. I love wedding pictures, too. Ya'll are such a sweet couple and you look like you are so in love! Happy 10th anniversary very soon!

  5. Such a beautiful couple with such a beautiful love story. Makes me happy just to see your pictures. Thanks for sharing!!