Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Shall we compose?

One Sunday afternoon after church when I was but a wee tike of four, my mama heard music coming from our music room, so she stepped in to see what was going on, and there I was on my tippy toes playing a song I'd heard at church that morning. My mom recognized that there was something going on in that four year old and took to letting her learn piano. You see my mom was a concert pianist in high school and wanted one of her five children to be musical so she named my middle name Melody and hoped for the best.

Well my heavenly Father heard my mama's prayer and put a love for music in my heart. There is something that happens in my heart when I sit down at a piano. Now mind you I am not a "real" pianist. I have only had about a year and maybe a half of formal training in all my years, but the Lord has given me a musicians ear and heart . . . so formal training is something that I've struggled with because I play anywhere but inside the box :0)

Composing is the part of being a musician that I LOVE!! Because this really is all in the interpretation. I generally do not play anything the way you've heard it before; not because it isn't good in its original form, but because I guess I just hear something different ~~ God's so cool to let me hear more in a song than just notes!!

So lately, I've had such a desire to compose more. I hear a song at church and then can't get it out of my mind, so then I know I must re-compose it into a different arrangement one to suite my heart at the time.

So why all this about composing? Well, I firmly believe that the Father is composing a beautiful symphony in each one of our lives. Now sometimes it is different than at other times. I am currently "re"composing a song I took and recomposed several years ago, and I believe that God does that with me. I am currently in such a season.

If there is something I have struggled with in my life it is change, and why? There has been so much of it for me, but it has not been easy. I wrote a couple of posts ago about being root bound and how sometimes God has to break our stubborn pots to get us to be open to change, because those roots HAVE to breathe. Well, I have felt the winds of change blowing in for me in the area of ministry. Oh how I wish I could say that I knew EXACTLY what it was God was wanting me to do next and had it all figured out and ready to go; but alas that is not the case!!!!!!!!! I sit here this morning wondering about the path God is leading me down now and how this will affect the future of the dreams He has put in my heart. But if I know anything about my God it is that He is able!!!!!!!!!!! The dream that He birthed in me years ago is starting to take shape; ever so slowly, and I must be ready.

So I am currently breathing in and letting the roots of the Holy Spirit have air. It is not an easy process and I've had to die to self so much that I wonder who self is right now :0) But this much I know, He who began a good work in me will complete it in Christ Jesus ~~ Hallelujah!!!!! So I'm just hangin' on and praying hard!!!!! He has a plan ~~ OH YES HE DOES!!! ~~ and He will reveal it at the proper time.

I also enjoy composing my own original songs. Now up until this summer I couldn't explain this to you, but I read a book that so helped me to understand the process that was going on in me, it was pretty cool. The book was a fiction novel by Robert Whitlow ~~ it's a series "Life Support" and "Life Everlasting" ~~ these were really good books. In these books there is a music minister who goes into this little chapel where he works and when no ones there starts playing what is on his heart, you know how he's feeling. And through the book he starts realizing the healing properties of his music. He doesn't really understand how it happens, only that it does. He starts thinking about something or a verse or a particular feeling and something just comes out onto the keys ~~ That is kind of the way it is for me. God comes out in music for me. He teaches me so much through this art form.

So do you all have a song you'd like me to recompose? I'd love to have ideas and songs I can work on. Sometimes I seem to get into a composing rut and for all the songs out there, I cannot think of one to compose; so can you help a sista' out? Any Christain song idea would be great ~~ I'd love to have ideas to work from. Currently I'm working on yet another composition of "Mary did You Know" (my 2nd or 3rd now ~~ but oh how I love this song). And this morning God laid on my heart "In the Bleak Mid-Winter" so I'm also currently giving that one a go!! I've also done hymns and current praise worship. One of the latest is "Hear Us from Heaven".

I'm trying to figure out how to put "orginal" mp3 audios (ya know from my hard drive) on the blog ~~ but have not figured it out yet. But if I do I'd love to post some of my orginal and recomposed works. Music is breathe to me. It so revitalizes me and refreshes me. I'd love to hear what you think.

Well, today is a busy day ~~ its Bible study day with my friend Kim ~~ YEAH!! (I love Bible Study Tuesday's with Kim) and then Dakota has a CC meet this afternoon. I'll try to get some pics up from that and the meet he had last Tuesday. He's having a really good season ~~ I'm just so proud of him.

I'll also have more news about our up coming trip to Mayo. Can you believe we leave next week? There are just some things on my heart and it so helps to get it out here.

Thank you for reading and for all your comments ~~ I truly do cherish each one!!

Love and Blessings to you,


  1. You'll have to get how to post some of your compositions on here so we can be blessed by your talent!

  2. I would LOVE to hear some of what you've worked on in the past. What a talent that you can use for God's glory!

  3. What a wonderful talent God has given you! I would LOVE to hear some of your compositions. I hope you can figure out how to get them on your blog so we can all be blessed by them.

    Bring us up-to-date on your Mayo trip when you have a minute.

  4. I am so impressed! This so cool and I did not know this about you.
    "Mary, did you know?"- LOVE IT! LOVE IT SO MUCH I CAN"T STAND IT!
    I love that God is calling you to something different. Change is always hard, but always worth it!
    Praying for you, friend!