Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Much going on . . . So much to think about . . . and Fall Goodness~~

First of all, thank you for all the kind words regarding yesterday's post.
Tough Times = Much Grace
God is Faithful!!!
So today brings new challenges, new stories. As most of you know my mom had a mylegram three weeks ago; we got the results of that a little over a week ago, and I haven't posted about the results yet here, because there needed to be some processin' going on in my head and heart. Well process not yet complete, but as time does, it marches on to the next phase; ready or not.
So today starts the process of the next phase in this journey. They found a large space in-between vertebra's 3 and 4. The results of such a space if there was serious trauma, like a bad fall or car wreck, could be catastrophic. The doctor gave it to us straight - she could be paralyzed.
Well, that sets ya back, let me just tell ya. I kept it together until I left my mom's and then I could feel it coming. I tried to hold it back until I got into the privacy of our cottage corner of the world, but my sweet neighbor was outside when I got home and walked over. She asked how things were going, and yeah you guessed it, this very emotional bundle of HRT induced hormones let go. And that started a flood of emotions that went on for a few days when I'd let myself think of the what-if's.
I'm so thankful to good friends both right here with me in MO and on the blog-line. So many of you have asked about my mom through comments here and e-mail. You are so loved. And your prayers, are so very appreciated, thank you for calling on our Father for us.
So what do you do about such a problem? Surgery. The doc will go in and insert a steel plate into the space to stabilize the neck. He said she would only be in the hospital overnight, and then could recover at home.
So today we have pre-admit at the hospital and then a trip over to the neuro-surgeon for last minute instructions. And then the surgery will be next Wednesday the 17th.
I am so thankful that all this is happening before our trip to Mayo. God is so good to us!! Speaking of said trip, we got the particulars in the mail last Friday, so I've been busying myself with the paperwork preparations, so I can concentrate on the matters at hand. I'll post more about all the Mayo happenings soon.

But now . . .

I'd like to post some more fall goodness pics ~~
I heart fall ~~ and my front porch :0)
This is just out side my front door.
I made this wreath about three years ago (I think) and you can't really see it in this pic, but in the upper lefthand part of the wreath is a bird's nest. I did not put said bird's nest there ~~ nope the birds did!! I love that!! It hung out my back door that first year and they built a nest in it that fall and had their little babies . . . it was so precious!!
This is one of my fav wreaths!!!
This is my mom's rose bush we planted in our front flower bed last year when she stayed with us after her knee replacement surgery. Isn't it pretty in all it's fall loveliness ? ! ?
And this little basket of delishishness (yes I know that's spelled wrong :0) was geraniums my neighbor dug out of the garbage (yes you read that right), and wanted to know if I wanted a flat. So because I can't turn away a plant, I partook and put it in this adorable basket for it's fall wares. What do you think? Pretty cute for dumpster divin' huh :0)

Then these are my impatience in Salmon that I grow every year (first kind of flower Dak ever got me on Mom's day ~~ my fav) and a sweet potato vine I rescued from said dumpster for $1.

So this is my porch walkin' in. How funny I just saw me in the glass door? Do you notice the crutch up on the porch by my big, adorable, needs to go on a diet plant? It's doin' me a lot of good up there huh?

So this is a sneak preview into the fall goodness going on around here. (Minus the dirty laundry and bathrooms that needs a cleanin') I have a lot of pics to post of our fall garden that I just took, you just aren't going to believe this . . . maybe tomorrow . . .

for now I'm off to get ready to go.

So sorry for all the randomness today. There is so much goin' on in this little girl's head and heart, I feel like it's spilling randomness everywhere I go right now. But just hang with me; I've got some hilarious Dak stories a comin' and some sweet moments with the hub in the past few weeks, He is the Best!!!! I believe I've said it before, but oh yes will say it again!! Again with the randomness :0)

Have a GREAT day, Love ya ~ Dawn


  1. I love all the pretty flowers! I SOOO wish we lived in the same town- I want to "do lunch!" Praying for you and your mom and family!
    Love you friend!

  2. I love all of your Fall "goodies"! Especially your dumpster divin' treasures!

    Still praying for you and your Mother! Keep us updated.

  3. Dawn,
    I am so sorry to hear about your mom. I know you are just so worried about her. I will be praying for you and for her!!

    Your flowers are so pretty. You have such a green thumb! Hope they help to brighten your days!

  4. Sweet Dawn, I am praying for you and your mother.

    Love all the flowers and fall stuff!