Sunday, September 14, 2008

That's a Rap !!

Okay so as I type this I am seriously tired ~~ I mean seriously!!! But boy have we had an exciting weekend!!

Friday evening we got a call from Chase asking us if we could watch the little guy ~~ are you kidding me? Bring on the little guy!! So he brought him over and we had sooooo much fun. This being a grandparent thing ~~ TOTALLY ROCKS!!!!

Saturday morning though, Dak and I had to be up early!! Dak had his first CC meet and had to be at school at 6:30 am. Well, we live like 1 min from school, and left like 10 mins early. We got there and they were having the MS bike ride starting at our school. We didn't know this, and man there was a lot of people. So finally got Dak dropped off and got back home and was on the road to the Meet myself. . . when Ike hit MO!! It started raining. Now for those of you who don't know, they run CC in everything but lightening. So those poor kids had to run in the rain, but it just wasn't too bad really. It let up and even stopped by the time Dak was running.

Now another bad part was that I had to brave the conditions by myself. Dick had to stay with Sky, so I braved the rain, I-44 (story in itself :o) and my crutch to get there, but when I did get there, crutch in tow, I couldn't bring my camera out of the car because of the rain, so alas no pics from the first CC meet of the '08 season ~~ what?!? ~~ I know bummed me out too. But never fear we have our next meet (like the we? like I run with 'em and all :0) tomorrow afternoon at a really cool place ~~ tough run, but a cool place. So don't worry I'll have some pics from that one ~~

So speaking of pics (like the segway :0) I have some from the weekend . . .
WARNING: Dirty house alert. . . the following is a real life depiction of the Winslow household weekend style ~~ The names have not been changed to protect the innocent. . . because let's face it this is just the way we roll :0)
The MOST adorablest Grandchild . . . With the cutest binkey ~~ you can stick your finger in that hole . . . he loves to chew on your finger when stuck in that thing . . . cracks me up ~~ hahaha

Now yes I know lots of light streaming in, but I LOVE this pic. . .
my man with the Grandboy . . . no not staged, he really was doing just this
on a Friday evening. . . you just gotta love that . . .
You rock my sweet man . . . be still my heart, be still . . .

Dicks grandfather passed away one year ago Sept 12th (Friday).

It was sudden and VERY sad, we loved Pa so. . . this is his wife Huba with baby Sky. . .so precious ~~ we love you Huba!!

Okay so this is my F-I-L ~~ and yes he is as great as he looks here with Sky. He is so excited to be a Great-pa-pa and Great you are ~~ we love you too :0)

Okay so here I am with Sky-guy and yes I am looking so . . . TIRED!!!!
But he is so stinkin' cute it doesn't even matter . . . right? :-)

I really like this one . . . because it doesn't show off bags under my eyes or goofy look on my face ~~ LOL ~~
Dak and A Sunday afternoon after church . . . too cute ~~ playin' with the little one ~~ they are the sweetest ~~ yes I know Dak, Just Friends ;)

And then let me just end the weekend with this . . . Our adorable adopted frog child . . . He is so cute ~~ he hangs out on our light, the chair (which is especially cute) and the siding. . . He's been around all summer . . . we wish he could stay. . . Dak has named him Fred the Frog . . .

I love that kid!!!

So I hope ya'll have had a blessed and happy weekend. As you get ready to start yet another week I challenge you to be mindful of the all the little things God does in your everyday . . . I'm challenging myself with this very thing. We don't know what this week holds, but we do know who holds it . . . Praise His Name!!

Love you much,


PS That is seriously a rap on this weekend ~~ whew I need a nap !!!!!!!!


  1. Wow, that made me tired just reading it! And that is one seriously gorgeous grandbaby! Hope your week is wonderful!

  2. OH- I love that pic of Sky sleeping on your chest- that is the best feeling in the whole wide world! GREAT weekend pics- I so wish we lived in the same town so we could hang out! I totally would have kept you company at the meet- I love races!

  3. What great pictures!! I can't wait to be a grandma! You look great...even tired! ;)

    Have a great week, Dawn!

  4. What great pictures!! I can't wait to be a grandma! You look great...even tired! ;)

    Have a great week, Dawn!

  5. I hope you got your nap. Doing the teen thing and then a sweet baby thing had to have been fun but exhausting. I hope the cc went well.