Monday, October 20, 2008

Fun things along the way . . .

So I've started the count down ~~ 3 weeks from yesterday (Sunday) we leave for Mayo, 3 weeks from today are our pre-op appts with the doc and hospital, and then 3 weeks from tomorrow is the surgery to fix this knee o mine ~~ YAY!! God loves us beyond measure and there is such GREAT comfort in knowing that He has it all under control. I do not have to be nervous or anxious (yes I need to see this in writing and I'm sure I will need it even more over the next few weeks . . . just keeping it real ~~ sometimes the nerves kick in. . .)

Since we'll be gone from home for at least 6 nights that takes a little planning. You know making sure Dak is taken care of and all the stuff that comes along with being gone. So until then I will gladly and gratefully take any suggestions on how to prepare, what you might take along for such an appointment, what you might prepare food wise and freeze for when we get back, and relaxation techniques that doesn't involve folding myself like a pretzel while breathing deep from my toes :o) I need easy here people, easy!!

So let's talk about the knee for a minute. Saturday we had Sky (oh-yes-we-did!!!!!) and yes he is cute as ever and yes I could just eat him up, and yes I digress :o) Anyway ~~ we didn't get my knee cap taped over because if we don't do it early before it swells we can't get it over very good later. Well, I still tried to do some exercises (why did I do that ~~ honest I was trying to be a good girl :-) Along about 7:00 pm or so it started hurting, and then it started feeling weird and then I realized it must be locked. So hubs tried to take pressure off of it, which usually works, but it was not working. Well then it really started having a fit, it was not good folks, nope not good. Well we decided we'd ice and then try to tape the knee cap over and maybe it would help. Well, there was no taping it over, my knee was HUGE!!! YUCK!! But it was okay actually. I know that this is making me stronger ~~ and I will certainly need strength for the long road ahead with surgery, recovery and all.

So what does any of this have to do with having fun along the way? Well, I am determined to make the most of this time. God is really moving in my heart to study a particular passage in Scripture and I am pumped about what He will be showing me over the next several weeks. Also, I will be spending time with family and friends and reading and cutting out recipes (one of my fav things to do is look at cooking mags and books :o) ~~ We have our last two CC meets of the season coming up in the next couple weeks, and Dak's National Honor's Choir is also coming up. He is also working on a production he will be performing in in February which he will be MCing and singing in. So lots of stuff going on and lots to do. So with all of the preparation going on for our Mayo trip we will have lots of distractions as well to keep our minds occupied on other things as well.

And . . . . I have some fun posts starting on Thursday that will run through Thanksgiving . . . that's gonna be fun.

So let me just say thank you to those prayer warriors out there, we so appreciate.

Lots of love and Blessings and send those ideas to me,



  1. Dawn, know that I will pray for your surgery, quick recovery and pt process. I know that He will sustain you and heal you quickly.

    I'd love for you to come on over and we'd sit on my porch by the mums and hay bales and have a cup of tea with honey and maybe a scone to go with it. Come on down to SC.

  2. You are an inspiration for staying so strong through everything you've been going through. Stay positive and know we're praying for you.

  3. What a great attitude you have in the midst of your pain and uncomfortableness!!

  4. I am so sorry about your pain. I know how chronic pain takes such a toll on people like us.
    I love you friend and am praying for you!