Friday, October 17, 2008

Random Friday . . .

So here are my ramblings for the week . . .

Randomness #1:

Okay picutre this: Thursday evening hubs has gone to ride his bike on the CC trail ~~ I love that man, workin' out a day after a migraine, you go honee!! ~~ so that leaves me and Dak at home hangin' out. I'm working on supper which looks like this: Pasta with fresh mushrooms, onions, olive oil and feta and mozz cheese (yummee) for Dick, 2 chicken hot sauce sandwiches on specialty buns for Dak, and Natural PB, honey and banana on whole wheat english muffin for me. So yes I was a busy girl.

Well in walks Dak and says, "mom you want to hear that song?" (I'm thinkin' the song he is singing for National Honors Choir in a few weeks. . . ) So I said, "sure" to which he lights up like an adorable 5 year old and says "Great" and runs off into his room (that is just off of the kitchen) and hooks up his I-pod to his stereo, and says "I'm gonna turn it up." Yeah, well, I don't even know what he's talking about and here he comes. He grabs my hands and starts dancing to "Jesse's Girl" yes Rick Springfield and yes kickin' it old school. I was thrilled. For a moment I was that 80's girl with the big hair and blue eye shadow ~~ oh the sheer joy !! ~~

Randomness #2:

We have our heat on ~~ I'm not even kiddin' ~~ heat!! It was cold this morning, like 38 something er other degrees outside cold ~~ burrrr ~~ time to be cuddlin' up I say. Thankfully Dak didn't have to run today.

And no to the not-so-random #3:

Today in CYC we talked about the Word of God. Oh one of my fav topics to discuss, and let me just say it is the BEST to be discussing it with teenagers. Their take on it is so beautiful. A breath of fresh air.

We talked about the Word being a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our paths and what that meant. We have a student who broke his wrist punching a cow in the face ~~ I can't make this stuff up :o) ~~ the cow was after him, so he punched it . . . slowed that cow down but broke this dear ones wrist.

We had the following conversation after we found out what happened:

C: What does it mean for the Word to be a lamp?
(Aforementioned) Teen: It lights the way.
C: What happens if it's not lighting the way?
Teen: You'll be in the dark
C: What happens if you're in the dark?
Teen: You might run into a cow.

See I LOVE teenagers!!!

We also talked about what it means to hide God's Word in your heart. I especially love this one, because it is near and dear to this girl. God has taught me so much about Him through His Word and the hiding of it in my heart. I've been in situations where God will bring a Scripture to my heart that I might not have even thought about for a long time, but He brings it to my rememberance at the appropriate time. I love having it hid in my heart ~~ LOVE IT!!

So then we opened up the floor to our young ones and asked them their fav verses, and John 3:16 was the first one to come up ~~ LOVE THAT!! So we talked about the gift of salvation given to us through Christ, and Dak said that "He (God) didn't have to do that. We could still be cutting lambs." See I love teenagers!! It is true, God didn't have to bring us salvation in this way, and we could still be sacrificing animals for sins, but PTL, Jesus came and bore our sin, this little girl is FOREVER GRATEFUL AND THANKFUL FOR THE GIFT OF GRACE THROUGH JESUS!!

Yes my heart is for the youth of today; it so encourages me to get to spend a few moments with them on Friday mornings, just hangin' out and discussing the Word ~~ Hallelujah!!

Have a Blessed weekend. Word on the street is we get the wee little tike this weekend ~~ STOP IT ~~ I know ~~ get-out-of-town.

Love to you,


  1. Sounds like you had a fun week! I would have so loved to have seen you "kickin" it old school" to "Jessie's Girl" with Dak!

    Praying that you'll REALLY be able to "kick it old school" after your upcoming surgery!

  2. That is hilarious about the cow! I love spending time with the youth in my church as well - they are ALWAYS cracking me up with stories & inspiring me to keep pressing them closer to God!!!! You know exactly what I'm talking about!

    And Jessie's girl? That is hilarious! My boyfriend before my husband's name was Jackie so my husband always sings "Jackie's girl" to me.....

  3. I can just see Dokota rocking out to "Jesse's Girl"! Thanks for sharing and thanks for being you!