Friday, October 31, 2008

Oh My Stars . . . What a night

Boy have we had a night and a half ~~ so much fun!!!!!

Okay let me just start by saying that Halloween has never been a fav holiday of mine. I am always so glad when it's over and the media switches from the ghoulish to the sweet. But this year was actually a lot of fun. Our house was a buzz with teenagers and the neighborhood little ones coming to get a hold of some sugary loot, plus a little itty bitty one ~~ oh yes it was a good night :-)

And wow do I have some pics to share with ya'll. But they are not in order. I do not know what my problem is, but I can't seem to get the pics in order these days. So . . . . . . . . .

I'm just gonna roll with it :-)

Alyssa came over this evening to spend Halloween with us and hand out candy to the kiddos.

So she made herself and Dak up as vampires ~~ they were so cute.

Well, just take a look ~~ these are quite the little actors.

Look at this pose ~~ these two look good together, even as vampires!!

Okay so what happened to the days of dressing up as your favorite Saturday morning character? You know bugs bunny, or a Power Ranger . . .
Son, seriously your scaring me ~~

Glamour girl ~~ Okay A your scaring me too :o)

Rockin' the look!!!!!

I made a cookie dessert pizza ~~ mmmmm

I then made these ADORABLE mummy dogs ~~ stop it ~~ I Know!!!!!
(I even made a veggie dog wrapped up all mummy like for me too, but don't tell anyone ~~ shhhh :0) YUMMEE!!!!!

Oh and look at this cutie ~~ this is him from the back . . .

And here he is in all his Eeyore wonderfulness!!!!!

Such a cutie-pie!!!

This has been a VERY fun evening!! I have been so reminded of my blessings . . .

Seeing the kids having so much fun handing out candy and hanging out together . . .

Getting to spend a little time with the G-baby and his mamma and dadda . . .

And now I'm going to go get ready for bed and then crawl under those covers with my man . . .

I am a well-blessed woman!!!!!


  1. I'm glad that you had such a fun evening! God HAS truly blessed you!

  2. Okay, the vampires are freaking me out too. But, Eeyore is so, so cute!!

  3. I love your little mummy hotdogs!! Too cute! Your Halloween looks alot like mine...lots of kids and lots of fun. Dakota looks REALLY scary!!

  4. Aren't kids fun?? No matter what age. They really do bring a lot of joy into a home. With teens sometimes the joyful days are few and far between but they are still there. :)

  5. you are definitely blessed!
    Those were some great pics!