Thursday, October 30, 2008

WOO HOO ~~ Thanksgiving Post #2

Well are you ready to take a ride on the Thanksgiving Day train yet again ~~ oh yes I think we shall!!

Last week was all about the bird ~~ yep we talked some serious turkey :o) ~~ so this week let's focus on the side kicks. Because really what would the Lone Ranger be without Tonto? or Batman without Robin? or Clark without Lois (gasp!!!)? So what would Turkey be without Cornbread Dressing? or Sweet Potato Casserole? or Festive Cranberry Pineapple Salad? What I ask you? Well it would be just a lonely bird on a plate with some green stuff and an apple coming out of its proverbial cavity ~~ sad, very sad.

So we will give this bird a sprucing with all of the fixins' ~~ And let's start with the dressing, and not just any dressing either; Cornbread Stuffing. (You'd think I was from the deep south, but no I am a mid-western gal - I digress) So is it dressing or stuffing? I'm thinkin' dressin' when it puts on it's finest and hangs out next to the bird, and stuffin' if it's actually inside said bird, but you decide. For the sake of democracy (do not even get me started :0) I'll be using the term interchangeably :o)

So you will find my FAV beautiful dressing/stuffing of the cornbread variety here. (please scroll down on this link ~~ it won't go to indivual link) Oh be still my heart ~~ LOVE IT!!! Yes in all it's 2 sticks of butter goodness ~~ MMMMM.

And from there let's go on down to the next station and visit Sweet Potato Casserole ~~ STOP IT ~~ now I'm just showing off ~~ and you can find it right . . . . . here!! Okay so this is Dak's FAV!!!!! In his opinion don't even have a Thanksgiving dinner without it. It would never be the same!! Poor guy he does have his attachments to yummee dish ~~ but then again so do I. YUMMEEEEEEE!!!!!

Now the last recipe I want to pass along to you today is in the cranberry food group. Yes it is a group unto itself. And if you don't think so please try this next recipe. Now let me just say if you are a family that has to have the gelled cranberry that comes out shaped like the can that nobody even eats, please don't let me mess you up. You go right on ~~ but if you want a cranberry dish that you will actually eat and enjoy try this one. MMMM love this one too!!!!!

Okay so let me show you a few pics from last year and the year before. These first two are from last year (I think ~~ blogger is again messing with my pics ~~ back-off blogger back-off :-)

Yep this first one is us girls. Starting with me, Rhonda (big sis), mom, and Dena (lil sis)
Aren't they just the cutest things you've ever seen??!!!

And then this little bunch of cuties ~~ are they not the cutest ~~ I MEAN THE CUTEST THINGS EVER?
This is Adam, Donnie, Becca (hey girl) and Dak ~~ they are the sweetest!!
I dig these kids ~~ OH YES I DO!!!

And then I just thought I'd throw this one in for free :-)
This is from '06 when my sis Dena and I ran the Turkey Trot ~~ we had the BEST time.
Don't I look pooped ~~ yep there is a reason for that I was!! Dena looks so refreshed and I look like I've just run a marathon and it was just a 5K. Oh yes I was even in shape ~~ pitiful!! :-)

Okay so now to the lil pumpkin candles I was going to try this week and impress you all with my crafting savvy. Alas I couldn't find the stinkin' baby pumpkins ~~ hmpff!! But I'm gonna keep lookin' and when I find 'em ~~ I'll share.
But until I do, I wanted to share what I'll be working on for next week's post. Turkey cupcakes. These are the cutest things you have ever seen in the way of a cupcake. I went to the market yesterday and picked up what I needed to make these darlin' things. And then I put them up in one cabinet at the top and then set to threatening my son if he even thought about touching said turkey cupcake materials :-) He laughed that adorable laugh and asked if he could have the left over stuff I wasn't going to use to make the TC's. Always working an angle that kid.
Well I hope you have enjoyed this edition of the Day of Thanks posting. This is so fun. Thanks for playin' along.
Blessings to you, Dawn
PS I will put up a pic of the TC's in tomorrows post (hopefully) since blogger is being a booger. I'll show blogger I'll just post it tomorrow :o) Have a GREAT day!!!!!


  1. I have always loved the Turkey Trot races! Here's hoping both of us might be back out there running some day!
    I am loving your Thanksgiving ideas! BUT- it's making me hungry! :)
    Love you friend!

  2. You make Thanksgiving sound so yummy. The only things I care for on that day are the Stuffing (& that's what we call it - a southern girl too) & mashed potatos & then of course, Pumpkin pie. Sounds like your dinner is fantastic though!

    And my brother is crazy about any sort of sweet potato thing.....I'll have to check out that receipe just to make it & see if it competes with my moms...but as you know - nothing beats mom's!

    Have a great day!!

  3. You are making me hungry for Thanksgiving already! I love Cornbread Stuffing and will have to give your recipe a try! It's a little different from my recipe and it's got a lot of things that I love in it!

    BTW...I make the same Sweet Potato Casserole and I think it's almost like a dessert! YUMMY!