Sunday, October 26, 2008

So many goings on . . .

Okay so there are lots of pics in this post, but none of them are where they are suppose to be ~~ Blogger what are ya doing to me??!! ~~ I have a system ya know :-)

So before I get to said pics, I wanted to let ya'll know of something going on with my sweet boy. Thursday after CC practice he came home and said I needed to take him to the doc. Well, I knew something was up, because that generally is the LAST place my child wants to go (at least as a patient). He said that his leg was really hurting and showed me where, it is on the side of his shin but not quite around to his calf, weird I know.

So when Dick got home he looked at it and said he definitely needed to go see the doc. So the next day (Friday) I called the doc's office and she was not in, and the nurse practitioner doesn't see injuries, so they gave us a choice of three urgent cares to go to. So we picked one and was off.

Well they x-rayed him and came in and said the x-ray looked okay (because we'd been thinking maybe stress fracture - although that's a weird spot for one but still). Doc did an exam and got to his ankle and spent most of his time there and on his heel. HUH? So he left and said he needed to look at the x-rays some more. About 20 mins later he came back in and said that just-so-happens (don't you love just-so-happens ~~ isn't God good?) there was an orthopedic surgeon on call at the clinic (the one we went to out of the three choices) that day and looked at his x-rays and said that he thinks Dak has torn his Achilles tendon :-( YUCK!!!!! Where it is hurting is where the AT starts ~~ he said it pools there ~~ so he thinks that is where it is tore.

Well, Monday evening he will go for an MRI to see the extent of the problem and go from there. So please remember my sweet boy. He is hopping around on crutches and is worried about school and so forth, not to mention will most likely miss CC Districts this coming up weekend. Bummed he is!!

Well now to these completely out-of-order pics. Blogger really ~~ work with me here!!!!!

Well this is our little G-babes foot ~~ I just had to show you the bottom of these incredibly cute shoes we picked up at a garage sale (.25 cents - get out!!!) this summer ~~ They say Old Navy on the bottom
SO CUTE ~~ and the foot they go in ~~ GORGEOUS!!!!!

Okay again the pics are backwards and missed up ~~ uggghhh~~ Dak made a cake this weekend because he was bored. And how many of you know when you're suppose to stay off your legs that is the one time you want to be up :-) YUMMEE Cake!!! MMMMM

Wannna bite???
Thank you I'll just eat the WHOLE cake starting here!!! heehee :o)

My sweet injured cutie with his white cake with sprinkles in a bundt pan with chocolate icing and more sprinkles ~~~MMMM YUMMEE ~~ and made ALL by himself!!!!! Good job son :-)

And then here is me and little guy ~~
I don't know what we're looking at, but I just love this pic ~~
He sure looks interested in whatever it is !!!!!

Sky loves the outdoors. We can't wait to take him mushroom hunting, and hiking, and exploring!! We're already planning!!!

And here he is sleeping ~~ mouth wide open ~~ love this shot too.

Okay and then I'll end with two shots of table pieces I've done this year.
This first one is currently on my table. I heart fall!!!!!

And then this one was a couple of weeks ago.
The pumpkins I got from my sis and BIL. So beautiful little sweet pie pumpkin wonders!!!
I'll be cooking these babies soon!!
Okay so that's all the goings on for 8:17 in the morning this fine Sunday.
Have a Blessed Lord's day!!
Love to you, Dawn


  1. Praying for Dakota and please let me know the results of the MRI tomorrow night.

    I love your pictures --even if they were mixed up! (-:
    Love the picture of you and Sky and the one of him sleeping with the mouth open.....makes me want to kiss those cheeks!

  2. Poor Dak!!! I just thought of the girl on Dancing with the Stars who tore her achilles...they say that's painful! Let us know how the MRI goes.

    And I love how the Orthopedic doc was there....God is sooooo good!!!

    And how cute is Skye!!!!! Aren't babies just the biggest joy in life!

  3. Oh no! I'll be praying for Dakota...poor guy. Love the pic of you and Sky. You look so cute in that hat! Keep us posted!

  4. I am so sorry about Dakota's injury and will be praying for him and you all. I, too, have been going through a weird "Can't believe God gave me this child...oh no what if...." thing...and I'm not sure why. But I'm right there with you, sister! BTW- You are absolutely adorable in that hat!!! :)