Tuesday, October 28, 2008

For the Love of . . .

Yesterday was Dak's MRI and might I just say ~~ Oh my stars!!! Why did it affect me this way? Could it be that my son, the brave boy (ok practically man) that he is, was just that: brave, and handsome and . . . oh my stars here I go again.
Let me back up . . . This child has had one medical test for a kidney malfunction thing at the age of 6 ~~ traumatic ~~ 1 trip to the ER because he was going into antiflactic shock from what we now know is a SEVERE allergy to Aspirin ~~ traumatic ~~ numerous ear infections and MANY bouts with strep throat and allergy related problems. So as you can see, when the boy does it ~~ yep he does it up right good!!!!!
So when we found out about this current injury I figured he boogered it up good (don't you just love that word ~~ boogered :0) Okay so let me just say right here and now that we did not get the results of the MRI last night, still waiting for those, but we did get to watch teenagerhood in action ~~ yes in beautiful action.
When we got there I hung on to my man, because let's face it, the knee, yeah is stinky, and Dak is in need of my crutches. So in he goes on crutches and then in I follow on hubs arm limping, severely limping ~~ oh yes it was a site to see.
When we got up to the counter to check in, the lady asked Dak if he'd like a wheelchair, to which he replied, "Yep that'd be great!!" What? I thought he'd be big tough guy, nope the child melts at the site of a pretty girl givin' him some love :-) So he hopped (literally) into the wheelchair and hubs put the crutches back down to my level (no I am not kidding) and we were set to have some check-in fun and MRI madness.
So we did all the paperwork and then they came and got Dak. And yes another pretty, pretty girl to wheel him around ~~ he was in teenage awe of the goodness that had just struck him ~~ yes not 1 but 2 pretty girls to take him back. He was all smiles and cracking me up.
So in the midst of waiting on him, they came out and told us that they would be doing the lower shots first and then if that didn't show what they needed to see, they'd do the upper as well, but was just going to start with the lower to save us money. I love saving money :o) But they wanted to let us know, so if it took longer than expected he was okay. That was so nice of you ~~ does my little heart good to see simple kindness in action.
So in the meantime to keep himself amused, hubs started playing with Dak's phone. Yep he changed the wallpaper from a pretty girl to himself and then changed his alarm time and turned it on. Oh yes we had a good time waiting :-)
And then in not too long here came the pretty girl pushing Dak and yes he was ALL smiles!!!!!
So we asked if they'd had to do the second shot and she said nope she thought they'd saw what they needed to see on the first view. So now we wait for the results.
Okay so now back to the way this affected me. If you've read my blog for very long you know that I am totally taken aback that God would entrust me with such a beautiful and smart child and such a wonderfully terrific hub. And as we were getting ready to leave yesterday it hit me: anxiousness and nervousness and I felt like I was going to throw up. It's an MRI, he's okay, calm down ~~ yep lots of self-talk going on. So I tried really I did, but I found myself wanting to go back there and take the test for him, and wanting to undergo all the treatment he needs on myself, and yes I know this is not a MAJOR injury (hopefully it's not) but I just love him so. My heart is so full that this is the family that God has so Blessed me with. I am Blessed indeed!!!!!


  1. Your love for your family shines through!

    Isn't it funny how different teens act when the opposite sex (especially a cute opposite sex) shows up!!!

    Love what your hubby did with his phone too - that's funny! Let's see if he says "boogers" when the alarm goes off!

  2. I know EXACTLY how you feel. You and I are both so blessed to have such sweet boys!! I'm glad he's okay!

  3. Ya'll must have really been a sight to see coming in together- one on crutches, another limping, etc!

    I am so thankful that God has blessed you with such a wonderful husband and son! He surely blessed them with a wonderful Mother and wife, too!

    BTW...how was your Broccoli & Rice Casserole?

  4. you are very blessed!

    and your son was very blessed with the pretty girls! ha!

  5. Are you sure Dak wasn't faking it so he could see those pretty girls? Just kidding!! He's such a sweet kid. I hope he is okay.

  6. This is a cute post! I was trying to picture what y'all looked like hobbling in there...poor things! Hope y'all have had a good day today!