Thursday, December 18, 2008

16 Year Old + Snow Day = Loads of fun!!!

Well this week has been all about fun!! This is the first day this week that Dak has had school. And I think he was hoping for a clean sweep of no school this week, because this is finals week. Now yes we all no he is putting off the inevitable, but if you are a teenager and have a legitimate excuse for missing finals, it is a good day, or in this case a good three days =)

So let me just show you some fun we had ~~ which in fact is pic #18 on the 25 days of CHRISTmas. Dak and I made this last night. It was so much fun. We make this every year and it is displayed on our table as part of our centerpiece through all the holiday get togethers we host. Which between family and friends is usually a few. Anyway . . .

Tada ~~ May I introduce you to our humble Gingerbread Cottage ~~
We have so much fun making these each year. And this year was extra fun, because we made it while the Muppet CHRISTmas movie was on last night. I will be showing more pics of this G-bread cottage later complete with side views, and then you will notice the snow looks a little wind blown on the roof ~~ yes poor thing has had to endure a blizzard of Winslow proportion. So fun!!

Okay so we have had such a fun time since Dak has been off this week. We got his CHRISTmas shopping down via the internet. It is the first time he's ever done his shopping online, but time and my lack of driving skills right now, and ability to be out and about has dictated that we do something a little different. It was so fun.
So we have been wrapping the gifts that we bought online the last few days and that has been GREAT!!! I also did a lot of my shopping online myself this year as well, because of the same reasons. It's actually been fun ~~ do any of ya'll online shop for CHRISTmas presents? It has been too easy. Now if everything comes in on time ~~ I may be hooked =)
So yesterday my friend G, who is a school teacher at a local school in our area didn't have school either, so she came over yesterday afternoon and we played . . .
Mexican Train Dominoes!! Have ya'll ever played this? It is so much fun. It is an annual tradition in our household that we play MTD's at least one time on a snowday each year, and usually more than that. We just had the BEST time ~~ thanks G.
Oh and one more exciting thing ~~ our itty bitty town of about 1,100 people got a Murfin's (is that spelled right? ~~ anyway) and it opened yesterday. That was fun. I went in and got my Murphin's (???) card so I can start doing some major savings.
Okay so I just used "fun" in this post 10 times. I love doing fun things and hanging out with fun people ~~ I highly suggest it.
So have a fun-filled and Blessed day,


  1. YOU are FUN!!! How cute is it that you & Dak have so much fun together? What a cherished mother/son relationship!

    And yes - I LOVE shopping on the internet...makes life so convenient sometimes to just have things delivered to your door!

    And do you know - I dont know how to play regular dominoes!! How sad is that!

    Hope your having a great day dear friend!
    Much Love!

  2. Love that cute little gingerbread cottage! I haven't ever played Mexican Train but I love playing Chicken Foot!

  3. Love your gingerbread house. What a FUN tradition.

    You're blessed to have the relationship you have with Dak!! (I speak from experience. Those teenage boys are FUN!)

  4. We have played Mexican Train, it is soooo FUN!!! Your gingerbread house looks adorable....I would like a bite please! I did quite a bit of online shopping for Christmas this matter of fact my last package was delivered this afternoon. ALL DONE!!! YEA!!!

  5. What a sweet tradition that you and Dak have of building the Gingerbread Cottage. It is VERY cute!

    I'm not familiar with MTDs, but sounds like I might need to check it out!

    Love you, friend!