Friday, December 19, 2008

It's in the Bag!!

Pic #19 on the 25 days of CHRISTmas . . .

Is a bag ~~ what?

Well I really like The Inspired Room blog. If you haven't checked it out, oh you should ~~ it is delightful. Well, I was over there browsing and saw this and loved it, so thought I'd come up with my own little version. And I saw on the Nester (love her too) that she did her own version as well, so please check her out here.
Now my version is not as grand, but the title of the post that this idea came from is "Holiday Decorating: Using What You've Got" ~~ Amen sister!!!
So that is what I did. Like I've mentioned before, not all of my CHRISTmas decorations are out, so I don't have all of my floral pieces and fillers out, but I had a few things and some everygreen garland that wasn't being used, so I decided to give it a try.
Well I think it turned out pretty good, and
it is sitting out on my porch right now . . .
oh yeah, and it's sitting here in blog world too . . .

Ohhh Ahhhh isn't she pretty? Now granted it isn't on a grand scale, but CHRISTmas started in a stable in Bethlehem, anything but grand surroundings, but oh my word what a CHRISTmas it was. In all it's humble beginnings, it brought to us the best gift ~~ the gift of life ~~ REAL life ~~ ETERNAL LIFE ~~ Thank you God for loving us so much you would send Jesus, Your only child, Your Son to be born on CHRISTmas day and live a sinless life and then to die . . . to die on a cross for my sins . . . Oh the Cross . . . Thank You Jesus for Your sacrifice . . . Thank you for Your love . . .

I was checking blogs last night and I found this on Jacquie's. You really need to check this out. The song in the background is "Breathe of Heaven" by Amy Grant (I almost put by Mary, hmmmm) ~~ This song holds a very special place in my heart. I sang this song in a church service several years ago, and as I was practicing and then singing in the service my mind and heart went back to Mary all those years ago and the extraordinary life she was holding inside of her. Truly amazing.

This post was going somewhere completely different, but God has a plan. Maybe someone today needed to be reminded in the hurry, in all the hustle and bustle, in all the busyness, that Jesus came, during this season, for us. He came to conquer sin and conquer it He did . . and His time here started during this season. I am so thankful.

Remember to take some time out to be thankful . . . teach those youngin's . . . hug them a little closer . . . hold your honey a little closer and remember the True Reason for the Season!!


  1. Your "bag" is so cute. That's a great idea!

    That song and video (and my search for something "special" at church) really enabled me to find some things that brought me to worship and reflect on the Christ-child and the events that must've taken place in their hearts during that special time. The look on "Mary's" face after giving birth in the video really struck me - as a Mom - at how Mary had an unusual situation... being a Mom to Jesus and a Child of His as well. Awesome!!

    PS - I've been playing your playlist at my desk while I work!!

  2. I think that your bag is adorable! You are so creative!

    And that song...what can I say! It is truly beautiful and that video left me speechless!

  3. Dawn, I do not have a recipe for the little mouse, but I can pretty much tell you what was in him. The body was a cherry dipped in chocolate with the stem sticking out for the tail. This was anchored onto a chocolate covered graham cracker square, next to a chocolate kiss which was the head. Slivered almonds were added for ears. I'm not sure what they used for the eyes and nose - - - they were transparent, like that gel icing that comes in a tube.

    Hope you have success making some!!!

    Thanks for visitng my blog, but I think since you came through my comments/profile you missed my little Christmas tour - - - it was several entries farther down into my blog.