Thursday, December 4, 2008

CHRISTmas Fav's . . . #1

So let's begin with the 25 Days of CHRISTmas pic #4. Now today I actually have two pics, both from last CHRISTmas, because I don't have a lot of my CHRISTmas decorations up yet and also because I didn't want to get up and take a pic of the ones I do have up, so I thought I'd dig into the archives from last year.

So this first one is from our CHRISTmas Eve celebration with my fam. Of course that is me in the Santa hat next to the tree passing out the presents. Growing up my dad always did this (minus the hat =) but when my parents got divorced (I was 27) it left this very important task at CHRISTmas up in the air. It felt weird to me for a long time, but when we started having CHRISTmas celebration at our house, I decided to take that bull by the horns and start making new memories.
So as you can see I don the hat (and Dak too) and we work hard to get those presents passed out and make new memories . . . and we do . . .
I have such precious memories from our fam time celebrations . . . I love these guys!!!!!
So that's my big sis sitting cross legged in the floor (oh to be able to do that again =) and that's my mom and her friend John and then that's our friend Georgia.
Such fun~~

And then this pic is Dak and me behind the tree later that night getting presents out for our own CHRISTmas together. The last couple of years we have started having our CHRISTmas on CHRISTmas eve late. Because Dak has so much fam to visit on CHRISTmas day that he doesn't really get to enjoy CHRISTmas with us and then he's off. So this is a good alternative for us.
I wish I had a pic, but we always start our time together by reading the CHRISTmas story . . . more on that tradition a little later in the season . . .

Okay, so I hope your sitting down . . . please remove all hot objects or cold for that matter from your immediate area . . . and for goodness sake SIT DOWN!!!!!
Okay, why all the fuss . . . . CHRISTmas IS 3 WEEKS FROM TODAY!!!!!

So in honor of this very REAL fact, I thought I'd give you some of my favorite things for CHRISTmas (much like the Day of Thanks installments).

I dig CHRISTmas . . . I mean really I do. And I have fav CHRISTmas memories and fav CHRISTmas foods and fun. It is one of my fav times of year.
So let's start with one of my new fav foods. Laura over here gave us all, her dear bff's (blog friends forever =) this fab recipe. But she does warn you how good they are. And let me just say, HEED THE WARNING!!! These are soooooooo good. My hub and I have been chowing on these babys. YUMMEE!!!!! She got the recipe from MSL, so I'll be posting this one here as well, so check this one out. Again YUMMEE!!!!!
I want to encourage all of you this CHRISTmas season to send the extra card to that person that may not get many. Go visit someone that is elderly and alone, or just doesn't get much company. Share your time with a child or a teen. Reach out this CHRISTmas season ~~ you'll be so glad you did.

And read the Word. Pick up your Bible and go to Luke and read Mary's prayer. God is really speaking to me through this prayer this season. Every year it seems like He is speaking to me through a different part of the CHRISTmas story and this year it is this beautiful prayer that this very young, soon to be mother of our Christ would pray. It is so beautiful.
Luke 1:46
"And Mary said,
'My soul magnifies the Lord,
And my spirit rejoices in God my Savior.'"
Her world has just been turned upside down, and this young one is magnifying the Lord; her spirit is rejoicing. We can learn so much from Mary. When we are facing difficult times or confusing times, magnify the Lord, rejoice. He is still in control . . . He is still on the throne . . . He is still God in it all!! Hallelujah!!!
Father, Thank you for the gift of Christ at CHRISTmas; for loving us so much. May we go through this season keeping at the forefront of our hearts who you are and your desire for us to always acknowledge the true meaning of the season and not get so caught up in the trappings of it all. I love you so. Thank you for always drawing my heart back to the manger and Your gift to us that we celebrate during CHRISTmas. Praise You. Amen
Blessings to you,


  1. I love how much you loved Thanksgiving & now seeing your love for Christmas - your excitement is addicting!!

    Love to pass out the presents - especially to a child - their face glows!

    And you are so right - to remember the ones who may not have the people who care about them... that breaks my heart at the holidays especially!

  2. I love that you wear the Santa hat!! I wish I lived near you..I would come over and let you "direct me" and help you with some Christmas decorations. (I'm thinking you need a tree in your room so you can watch it as your recover!)
    Love you tons!