Friday, December 12, 2008

Hopping back on my ride . . .

Day #12 of the 25 Days of CHRISTmas . . .
I love this little lady.
~~ She so digs being in the sleigh ~~

So yesterday I had PT. I was so sore yesterday from my workout on Wednesday that I was really thinking it wasn't going to go very well, but it actually did. I only gained about a degree, but given how sore I was, she said that was fine because we had a very good workout.

I've been walking unassisted a lot around here at the house, but my PTist said that I really needed to be using my walker or my crutches at the house. Because of my limp she said that my brain will start thinking that kind of walking is normal, so then we'll have to retrain my legs to walk without a limp, even when their able to ~~ What? Well that's all I needed, more problems. So I'm hopping back on my ride (walker) and crutches but that's okay.

I told my husband that I'm starting to feel more patient with this whole process and this is just another step. I need to recover properly so that in the long run I'm giving this leg the best chance to be well.

Dak took a video the other night of me fixing the CHRISTmas tree branches and as we watched it, I felt so sorry for the girl walking around the tree and it was me. Now it wasn't a me feeling sorry for myself kind of thing, but it was like if I was out at the market and saw someone walking the way I walk right now unassisted, I'd feel sorry for her. It was like that (I hope that makes sense). So when the PTist was talking to me about making sure I use assistance walking right now even around the house it made sense. So I'll be bahaving myself =) or at least I'll try!!

Well I MAY do a little CHRISTmas shopping this afternoon with a friend, but I'm not sure. The weather is suppose to get REALLY bad here next week, so that means no CHRISTmas shopping then either. So we'll see.

Hope you all have a Blessed and fun weekend,


  1. The advice from the PT makes sense to me. The brain is a powerful thing. I'm glad you're making progress!

    I kinda hope we don't get the snow next week!

  2. that's exactly what happened to me when I had a knee/leg injury - I FORGOT how to walk! I couldnt bend my leg & forgot how to walk without a straight leg... it was so bizarre - so I understand! Hang in there... the soreness will get less & less & the progress more & more. We're cheering you on!!!

    And thank for grabbing my code... I truly appreciate you friend!!!


  3. Girl, you better be behavin'! We don't want you forgetting how to walk! I know the progress seems slow, but you gotta look at the long-term picture! I am sorry that it has been so painful for you, but every time it hurts like that, just think of it as that much closer to "90 day" that you are!

    Love you!